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Tammy G.

Dear Beachbody:

My name is Tammy G. I'm 41 years old and have been married for 16 years to the love of my life. I'm a busy business owner and I'm proud to say that I'm now in the best shape of my life. Just two years ago however that statement could not have been further from the truth and that's really where my Slim in 6 story begins.

I was up late one evening flipping through the channels on TV when the infomercial for Slim in 6 caught my attention. I was skeptical thinking that this was just another program that promised much but delivered little. However, I found myself riveted by the before and after photos and the people telling their stories seemed so sincere. As I continued to watch I surprisingly found myself crying. At that moment I came face to face with the truth of what my own life had become. Here I was almost 40 years old, very overweight at 170 lbs and wearing a size 16. I realized how unhealthy and ashamed I really was of the way I looked. I had once been happy and fit. I had been outgoing but now I was quiet and more introverted. I no longer enjoyed social settings because I was too self conscious of my weight so I just preferred not to be seen.

I reflected on how I had got to this point. I had been naturally thin and active as a teen and in my 20's. I actually had enjoyed exercising but then LIFE got in the way. As I got into my 30's I started to gain weight as my life got busier and I no longer made time for exercise. Planning and preparing healthy meals seemed too time consuming so I literally lived on fast food. I was at McDonald's so much that they knew my order by heart when they heard my voice on the intercom. Some days I went there for all of my meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was overcome with a sense of shame and responsibility. I was the one who had done this. I had no one to blame and I had run out of excuses. As I continued to watch the infomercial I was filled with a sense of hope. Six weeks didn't seem like that long so I had convinced myself that I would try this program even though my past attempts at exercise had not been successful. I was the queen of "I'll start on Monday" and by Tuesday I was back to my pattern of starving and bingeing, exercising and quitting. I would become so frustrated with myself that I could never stick with it but this time I wanted it to be different so I ordered the program.

On Sunday morning, February 19, 2006 my life changed. I woke up with a new resolve and I did my first Slim in 6 workout. I decided that I would not go another day being unhealthy. It was time to reclaim my life. When I did that first Slim in 6 workout my life changed, my thinking changed and shortly after my body changed. I knew my eating habits needed to change as well. I wanted to get the best results so I stopped filling my body with junk food and started to eat healthy balanced meals. I also took the Slimming Formula, deciding if I was going to do the program, I was going to do it completely.

I pressed play 6 days a week without fail even if it was midnight. I was astounded by the results. It seemed like my body was changing daily. Within 2 weeks people started asking me what I was doing to lose weight. At the end of six weeks I had lost 13 lbs going from 170 lbs to 157 lbs and I lost almost 20 inches going from a tight size 16 to a size 10. I was so proud that I had actually finished something. I fell in love with exercise and I felt like a new woman. I now had energy and I loved feeling strong. I loved clothes shopping again as I was fitting in sizes I hadn't worn since my 20's. I continued with the program and the results kept coming. About four months after that first workout, I tried on my wedding ring and it fit. I had not worn my wedding ring in over 6 years because it had not fit me because I had gained so much weight. I had been too embarrassed to tell my husband that was the reason that I was not wearing it. These workouts had become so much more to me than just fitting in a certain size jeans. I now had a new life. They changed the way I felt about myself. I was no longer afraid to try new things and I no longer wanted to hide away because of the way that I looked. What an incredible gift.

I absolutely love the Slim in 6 workouts because very simply THEY WORK! It's a complete program that has both cardio and toning that works the entire body and really doesn't take any guesswork. As a salon owner I come in contact with a lot of woman, many of them have been on this journey with me. I constantly share my story with them which really is about an ordinary woman who got extraordinary life changing results using a program that not only delivers but surpasses on its promise.

I am so grateful that I was up late that night when I saw the Slim in 6 infomercial. I went from my lowest point physically to now being the happiest and fittest I've ever been. It has helped me find myself again and has shown me that anything is possible.


Tammy G.

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