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The Xperts

Tony Horton – Professional Trainer

A renowned exercise and fitness specialist, Tony used his knowledge and expertise to build upon his Power 90® success and create a multifaceted workout program for those seeking to advance their level of fitness.

Carrie Wiatt discusses the P90X diet. Watch the movie...Carrie Wiatt – Nutritional Specialist, Educator, Author, and Chef

Carrie relied on her 20+ years of outstanding achievements in the diet and nutrition industry to develop an individualized eating approach that works in tandem with each of P90X's three phases.

Mark Sisson – Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Specialist

Mark and Tony talk supplements. Watch the movie...Mark's expertise and reputable background in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and anti-aging has enabled him to create the perfect blend of supplements to safely and naturally enhance the results of your P90X workouts.

Ned Farr – Creative Director

Designer, filmmaker, and musician, Ned Farr's broad vision for the look and feel of the entire P90X system helped make this one of the most entertaining and complete fitness programs ever devised.

Mason Bendewald – Director

Pushing the team to raise the bar for what we can expect from a workout video, every detail—from the on-screen graphic treatment to the look of the routines—was scrutinized and refined by Mason and his editorial partner, Rick Sebeck.

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