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Anthony L.

"I went to the gym trying to lift weights; couldn't do it. Saw people there that were more fit than me. That was very discouraging itself, so I just went home. I end up Googling 'how to get fit,' and I see a lot of people on YouTube. Reading people's feedback when they tried P90X, not one, zero, zero negative feedback about P90X. Just watching those videos, I was like, I gotta do it. I want to do it. Just seeing them makes me want to work out. But when I first started, I couldn't do nothing. P90X, they laid it out for me and made it very simple. Here's an analogy: it's like how to work a computer for dummies. All you have to do is Push Play, follow the nutrition guides, and you're good."

Anthony L. Day 1
Day 1
Anthony L. Day 90
Day 90

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