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INSANITY® - Ross M.Day 1Day 60

Ross M.

Sixty days of nothing but INSANITY was the most hard-core experience of my life. Shaun T. was a great motivator. Shaun T. would be yelling at the screen but I loved that, I needed that, because when you're in that final state where you're just pushing as hard as you can go on those push-ups, you need a coach yelling at you, telling you, "Come on, you can do it, you're in it!" I actually weighed about 125 pounds when I started INSANITY. By April, I had gained 15 pounds of lean muscle mass. I actually didn't lose weight, I actually gained lean muscle. Sixty days ago, I did not have this body. Now, after all these push-ups and calisthenics, I've got an armor-plated chest. Just 60 days of driving your body, max to the force, to the wall every day for 60 days is all it is. It's just 2 months. People don't realize how short of a time span that is.

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