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INSANITY® - Roger M.Day 1Day 60

Roger M.

I saw it and about after the 10th time, I said . . . I've got to do it. With INSANITY, I found from the first minute that I started it, I was in for a challenge. I started off weighing 212 pounds, and after 60 days, I was back into a size 32 waist. I actually was fitting into the same size I was in high school. At 47 years old, I'm stronger, faster, more limber, and agile than ever. There are no gimmicks. There's no weights. There's no bands. It's just you and your body and listening to what Shaun T says. I'm really proud of the way I look today. As a 47-year-old guy, this is a program I will never stop. To go from being out of shape to the best shape in my life is phenomenal.

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