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INSANITY® - Molly S.Day 1Day 60

Molly S.

I just turned 20 this month and I am a university student. I have always considered myself to be in very good physical shape. I dance every day of the week. My ballet teacher told me that he was going to be brutally honest with me, and he told me he thought I needed to get into physical shape. Which at first was a little bit of a low blow. I was a little bit sad, I was upset, and I was embarrassed.  But then after awhile, I decided that I was going to take his challenge. I looked around for programs that I could try. A couple of my friends had been doing INSANITY and one of them had really great results. From there I just decided that I was determined, I was committed, and I was going to do the program. I figured it's a 60-day program; I can do anything for 60 days. Shaun T is an excellent leader; he has a great voice for a workout instructor. He is very encouraging, he's constantly telling you to "dig deeper, push harder." They say it's the hardest workout ever put on video, and after doing it, I believe it. When I finish, I am dripping sweat, my body is just exhausted but at the same time I feel great when I finish. I had people tell me every day that they see the difference in my before and after after doing INSANITY. I just feel great, I feel like I have so much more confidence, my self-esteem is higher, I wear tighter clothes all the time. I'm an INSANITY junkie. I love the program and I'm continuing with it because I love the results that I've seen. With Insanity, I lost 22 pounds, 5 inches in my waist, and I dropped 4 pants sizes. Did I get insane results in just 60 days? I think so!

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