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INSANITY® - Darren N.Day 1Day 60

Darren N.

Insanity is the greatest fitness program ever created. Ever! As far as I am concerned, there is nothing that touches it. It completely changed my life. I saw the infomercial one night, sitting on the couch. I was just that guy looking for something, waiting for something. And I know right then and there this is something I have to do. This is the most extreme thing I have ever seen. What I like best about it was that it didn't include any equipment. All I needed was me. I just had to take my own body weight and 60 days later, I was going to get these results. I didn't realize it at the time, but when I clicked that "YES! I want to take the Insanity Challenge" button, right then and there my life changed forever. I was 183 pounds on day 1 of Insanity, Day 60 I was down to 164. I dropped 19 pounds. It just leans you out, tightens you up, and gets you in the best shape. And that's what I love the most about Insanity, is that it gets you into peak condition. You're not just ripped, you don't just have muscle, you're truly healthy. Physically it transformed me, mentally I'm a new person with a new confidence. And I know I can go out and tackle anything now because Insanity brought me to that point.

YES! I want to take the INSANITY Challenge!

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