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INSANITY® - Alysia M.Day 1Day 60

Alysia M.

I love it—it's outta control—it's cross training, it's intervals, I mean he has put together such a great workout you just, you don't want to stop when you stop, take a three-second break and come right into it with us—it's so much fun—these are my favorite ones! I'm in my forties now, I have twins who are 4-1/2 now. I mean after having my twins I never thought my stomach would be so taut. I have these phenomenal abs right now. My upper abs are the best they've ever been. And it's not just the superficial layer—it's deep, deep, deep. It's what you want from all those other programs that say they're gonna get you. I have not done one crunch. I have not done one sit-up on the floor. And it's been all me. There's been no weights, nothing. This program peeled off all those layers that were covering me for all those years and now my 40s are gonna be rockin' . . . my 50s are gonna be sensational. I didn't think I had all that weight to lose, I didn't think I had all those inches to lose, but I gained an inch in my arms and they are so cute now—I love them.

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