Chalene's Myth vs. Reality

ChalEAN Extreme™

About Chalene Johnson

Myth 1. Cardio is the #1 best way to burn calories and lose weight.
FALSE! Just look at all those people toughing it out on treadmills—are they slimmer and stronger? Not many. Here's why: Cardio is important for having a healthy heart and healthy lungs, but it's limited in its calorie- and fat-burning power because it only burns calories while you're doing it and for only a very short time afterward. Lifting heavy weight like you do with ChaLEAN Extreme™ not only burns mega calories while you do it, but the new muscle you build continues to burn calories and fat every minute of every day, 24/7. This is the AFTERBURN effect. You become a FAT-BURNING MACHINE.
Myth 2. Lifting heavy weights makes women bulk up.
FALSE! Just wait till you see some of the women who used my program! Muscle makes women look strong, lean, sexy, and sleek. Lifting heavy weights not only makes you stronger, leaner, and shapelier, but you build lean muscle that burns the fat, which is what we all really want, anyway.
Myth 3. I need to starve myself to lose weight.
FALSE! Our clinical study proves that with ChaLEAN Extreme you can increase your resting caloric burn by up to 70%. This means you're burning 70% more calories than normal, even if you're sitting on the couch reading a book! That's why the people who do my program actually EAT MORE, five or six times a day, and actually burn more fat and build more muscle than people who starve themselves by barely eating.
Myth 4. My metabolism is slow—there's nothing I can do about it!
FALSE! There is something you can do to speed it up—build lean muscle mass. Not only will you be stronger and look leaner, but you'll burn more calories—more fat—even while you sleep. And you'll be healthier, too.
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