A message from Minnie

I always try to take care of my skin, but I also love to spend my free time surfing and playing outdoors
with my son Henry. So having a good beauty regimen is crucial for me.

I prefer a natural approach to beauty, and I definitely don't want to go to extremes in order to
stay young. When a friend introduced me to Derm Exclusive, I was instantly attracted to the
concept of a natural alternative to office procedures and surgery. And since I started using
the products, my skin has never looked better.

When I met with Beachbody, the company behind Derm Exclusive, it quickly
became apparent that we believe in the same thing—empowering people to
change their lives for the better, in a natural and healthy way. I knew that this was
a product and a company I could really stand behind, so for the first time in my
career, I wanted to give a product my endorsement.

Now I'm not just the official spokesperson for Derm Exclusive, but I'm also
involved in the development of the final product line, packaging, and
marketing strategies of the brand. I continue to use Derm Exclusive, and it
helps me stay rejuvenated despite my hectic schedule. I love how hydrated
and refreshed my skin looks, even after a long-haul flight from Europe to
Los Angeles.

Thanks to Derm Exclusive, I'm confident we can all age gracefully!

Minnie Driver
Actress and mom