TurboFire® Workout Success Stories

Name: Deawna A.
Age: 35
Lost 45 lbs.

"This truly is a workout that's so much fun, you forget you're exercising!" —Deawna A.

Name: Josette P.
Age: 39
Lost 30 lbs.

"I love to hear people whisper when they see me say . . . 'Oh, just wait till she has a few kids . . . She can say goodbye to those!'" —Josette P.

Name: Kimberly M.
Age: 36
Lost 54 lbs.

"Turbo[Fire] is an absolute recipe for weight loss success." —Kimberly M.

Name: Jessica A.
Age: 39
Lost 53 lbs.

"At-home DVD workouts have come and gone, and I have yet to tire of Chalene's energy in my TV room every other morning...the music, the moves, everything!" —Jessica A.

Name: Kandi A.
Age: 38
Lost 10 lbs.

"Turbo[Fire] gives you a head-to-toe workout. I've experienced only positive results and great abs!" —Kandi A.

Name: Karina D.
Age: 34
Lost 22 lbs.

"My mother and I call our daily hour of Turbo[Fire] 'Party Time' because we have so much fun!" —Karina D.

Name: Sabrina S.
Age: 30
Lost 17 lbs.

"Turbo[Fire] is not only the most effective workout I've ever done, but it is also SO incredibly fun!" —Sabrina S.

Name: Jennifer A.
Age: 36
Lost 55 lbs.

"Chalene has not only given me the tools to change my body, she has also taught me that attitude is EVERYTHING!" —Jennifer A.

Name: Dana C.
Age: 42
Lost 110 lbs.

"I was sad, but the therapy of the workout along with the results literally saved my life." —Dana C.

Name: Justine P.
Age: 30
Lost 20 lbs.

"TurboFire really ignites a fire in me, and the music is pumpin' . . . You feel like you're at a party!" —Justine P.

Name: Tarah C.
Age: 23
Lost 49 lbs.

"Turbo[Fire] seemed to have that fun positive energy that I lovedabout dance, and it made me feel like I was in a classroom setting!" —Tarah C.

Name: Dana C.
Age: 40
Lost 20 lbs.

"I have inspired many of my friends to do this program, including some neighborhood moms who get together a few days a week at different homes around the neighborhood! We all love it!" —Dana C.

Name: Bridget F.
Age: 39
Lost 20 lbs.

"With the help of TurboFire, I've lost 20 pounds . . . That's awesome! More importantly, I feel great. " —Bridget F.

Name: Ashley G.
Age: 24
Lost 25 lbs.

"Not only do I feel amazing during the workout, but afterwards I feel as though I can achieve and DO MORE!" —Ashley G.

Name: Kate I.
Age: 31
Lost 13 lbs.

"I just knew TurboFire was the one . . . the upbeat music, the fun dancing moves, and Chalene on the stage telling everyone they're not tired caught my attention." —Kate I.

Name: Beth L.
Age: 23
Lost 34 lbs.

"I am in better shape than I was before I had my son, and I feel like a whole new woman!" —Beth L.

Name: Karla M.
Age: 36
Lost 44 lbs.

"I took the challenge! I am so glad I did it because this had changed my life forever!" —Karla M.

Name: Melissa M.
Age: 36
Lost 5 lbs.

"I chose TurboFire because I loved Turbo Jam. I had done some Turbo Jam prior, and Chalene is so motivating that I knew I had to have it!" —Melissa M.

Name: Liz M.
Age: 28
Lost 19 lbs.

"The results I saw within the first 5 days of the Inferno 5 [5-Day Inferno Plan] was all the motivation I needed to continue to Push 'Play.'" —Liz M.

Name: Emily S.
Age: 32
Lost 25 lbs.

"I never get bored, always sweat, and look forward to working out." —Emily S.

Name: Ashley S.
Age: 27
Lost 52 lbs.

"TurboFire is so much fun and so versatile that I always wanted to do it." —Ashley S.

Name: Julie Y.
Age: 36
Lost 16 lbs.

"My husband says I look better now than when he first met me . . . I have the energy to keep up with my very active 3-year-old!" —Julie Y.

Name: Suzi D.
Age: 41
Lost 23 lbs.

"I feel like I am 20 years younger . . . I feel enthusiastic and excited about life." —Suzi D.

Name: Andrea C.
Age: 24
Lost 35 lbs.

"TurboFire has melted the fat off of my body and revealed a tiny person inside—WHO KNEW?" —Andrea C.

Name: Michelle H.
Age: 40
Lost 38 lbs.

"TurboFire has literally changed my body size and image! I went from a size 8 to a size 4! I could not believe it! I am so amazed at the results!" —Michelle H.

Name: Kelly M.
Age: 28
Lost 35 lbs.

"I love the energy, the music, the moves . . . I love it all!!" —Kelly M.

Name: Michelle S.
Age: 42
Lost 20 lbs.

"I have tons of energy, I love the way I look, and I have a blast doing it!" —Michelle S.

Name: Michelle S.
Age: 36
Lost 17 lbs.

"After a month of Turbo Jam, I decided I wanted to give TurboFire a try and started that . . . I have lost a total of 17 [pounds] and 19.25 inches! I feel amazing and I look great!" —Michelle S.


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May 1, 2011
AngO79, Panama City FL
Love it!

I had tried almost every workout program, and I never stuck with it! I decided to buy TurboFire and it has completely changed my life! I'm on week five and I have already lost 25lbs, and I feel amazing! This is the very best exercise, and I would absolutely recommend this to any and everyone!

Additional Programs: None
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, amazing

February 22, 2011
Mel, Greensboro, NC
Working out with the kids

When I received Turborfire in the mail, I was a little hesitant. I felt this was going to be another workout tape that I would put to the side. I was wrong! Everyday I have worked out with TurborFire and my kids also has joined me. I have a step-daughter who is a little over weight and she loves TurboFire. This has become a family affair with working out. This workout has helped my step daughter to come out of her shell and it has brought us all together for some fun!

Additional Programs: P90X
Pros: Met expectations

May 15, 2011
Love it :)

If you aren't ready to sweat, don't buy this! This workout gives you a great sense of accomplishments. I am two weeks into this program and already I have lost 3 inches off of my hips, 3 off my waist, and two off my chest. I haven't lost much weight but the change I see in my body and clothes is unbelievable! My stomach is flattened and I am getting muscles. I started two weeks ago at 209lbs, I don't know what I weigh now but as I see it, weight doesn't matter, it's how i look and feel. All my friends have noticed a change in my apearence and there comments make me feel accomplished! Motivation has never been my strong point, I normally get unmotivated after a week. Never again will I spend hours at a gym because honestly, I sweat more than I ever had at a gym withing 10 minutes of turbofire! Chalene, this is the best investment I have ever made, I love it :) :)

Pros: exceeds expectations

May 14, 2011
Mizz J, Denver Colorado
I Love TurboFire!!

I initially started exercising in at the beginning of the new year. The workout were boring and I didn't feel like I was being challenged enough. A friend of mines who was a P90X grad recommended I take a look at the Beachbody website at the various programs. I looked and decided TurboFire was the one for me. When I started TurboFire I was 222 lbs!! The biggest I'd ever been in my life! I started the prep schedule to get my body used to the vigors of the program. After about two weeks, I was ready to call it quits!!! I almost sent it back!!! But then a voice in my head just keep telling me "If you send this back, you'll never change!" "You'll be the same weight if not larger!" So I stuck it out. I won't lie the workouts were hard at first, but they eventually got easier, but were still challenging. I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone!! This is my first official week of my TurboFire program and thus far I have lost 8 inches total and 15 lbs. This program works!! I love how Chalene challenges you to dig deep and really push yourself. Also love her motivation and energy!!! Can't wait to do the advanced classes as well as Chalean Extreme!!

Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

October 11, 2010
glamourgirl, New Jersey
incredible product

I thought I liked Turbo Jam........but I love Turbo fire. The Music is sooo inspiring and the workouts are fun, fun, fun. These tapes are easy to follow along with and Chaleane will encourage you the entire workout. Don't miss out on this. Its a must have workout for everyone!! I now look forward to working out everyday. Thanks for helping me to get back on track. Can wait for the next edition.

Pros: music, encouragement
Cons: none

December 3, 2010
doxiegirl, Colorado
Lots of fun, motivating

I am recovering from a Stem Cell Transplant, so I am in week three of the prep course. The prep course is great for someone who has been sick, weak or just plain out of shape. Chalean is really motivating, and I find myself working really hard to get strong. Its lots of fun and great that I can watch Alee for all the modifications. I can always feel the workouts, but I was only super sore the first three days, and I basically started from scratch! I was only dissappointed that some routines on various cd's were the same. I guess I thought there would be two stretch forty's and such. Overall, this has been a great replacement since I don't have access to a workout facility. I'm thinking about getting an office chair mat so that I can pivot for some of the moves. Trying to do some of the moves on carpet is hard. But overall, I'm super motivated by this to work out every day!

Pros: Very effective, can be tailored to anyone
Cons: some routines are repeats

February 2, 2011
Ta-ba1, Ca
Not for the rhythmically challenged

I just go it and have only tried it a couple of times (and only the 30 minute DVD that is supposed to help the newbie). I have no natural rhythm what so ever and I just can't seem to get it...Frustrating. You can definitely feel your heart pumping (even if you are doing it wrong)

February 16, 2011
sylvia, menifee. CA

i have only had this video for a week and i have already lost 1 1/2 inch off my waist and i feel so energized after every video. I love this work out video.

Additional Programs: insanity
Pros: Very effective
Cons: she moves on a fast passe hard to catch on

February 9, 2011
workoutgirl123 =, New Hampshire
Awesome! Just awesome!

This is the best cardio workout available. Great instruction. I love the new to class breakdowns. The pace rocks. High intensity and highly motivating. If you are looking to get results, look no further.

Additional Programs: 10 minute trainer
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations, challenging, motivating, fun

May 14, 2011
Jersey, Deatsville, Al
LOVE this workout routine

I love this challenging workout, I have been doing this for about 4 months and have lost up to 23lbs. I do recommend this product to anyone who is already working out. If you are just starting out I can see where it could be discouraging. I am addicted, I look forward to breaking a sweat to this almost daily. There were a couple of reviews about the women showing their breasts, I don't notice it.

Additional Programs: TurboJam and P90X
Pros: Very effective, Met expectations

May 13, 2011
malshow, Mandan, ND

I am currently on week 4. It is an intense workout, that leaves you dripping with sweat (literally). I enjoy doing it so much! I will say this though the numbers on the scale have not changed much but I can totally see a difference in my clothes! I cant wait to see what weeks 5-12 bring!

Additional Programs: Turbo Jam

May 3, 2011
Way too hard to keep up with Crazy lady!!!

I have done all kinds of work outs, Zumba, Tae bo, biggest loser, all of them. This is nothing like that. Great work out? Maybe if you can keep up with the crazy lady switching moves every 3 seconds. She doesnt repeat anything more than twice, and she has you all over the dance floor. If you watch the people doing it with her, they even have a hard time and they do it for a living! I gave this a whole week and I gave up. I didnt feel a burn, I didnt get results because I couldnt effectively do what she was doing. She needs to consider that not everyone knows what she is thinking and she needs to repeat the steps more than 2 times so people can do them!!! Im returning this for a refund. P90X was way more effective!

Cons: Not effective, Did not meet expectations

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