Dear Beachbody,

My name is Tanya ("SuperWoman25") and I'm 25 years old. I live in Nebraska, and work at one full-time plus two part-time jobs. I'm just your average person working hard to make ends meet. My greatest recent accomplishment is my 100+ pound weight loss. Believe it or not, I haven't reached my one-year Beachbody anniversary yet, but I have lost a little more than 100 pounds!!! And one thing I believe more than anything else: If I can fit this lifestyle into my into my VERY busy daily schedule, ANYONE can! You just have to WANT to fit it in, and follow the information included with each Beachbody program.

I guess my story starts in about the same place as most. I was living my life and not liking who I had become over the course of 8 to 10 years. In high school I was active in sports, and gaining weight was the furthest thing from my mind. Then I went to college, during which time I (like many) got caught up in parties, eating out regularly, and sleeping the day away. I managed to gain over 110 pounds, I couldn't sleep normal hours, my cholesterol was high, I was heading for diabetes, and I could hardly walk up a small hill without getting REALLY winded.

I still remember the day I was sitting at home, late one night in spring 2003, when I saw an infomercial for Slim in 6. Well, I wrote down the information and the next day I got online and checked out what Beachbody was all about. I read through a couple of the Message Boards threads and I thought, hey, if these people can get into these products with such enthusiasm, then maybe I could, too. So I bought Slim in 6. I started the program . . . and ended up quitting. I had too many demons still plaguing me, and I didn't let myself commit.

A year later, I was getting my life in order when I came across my Slim in 6 DVDs. I remember picking them up and wondering, what if . . . ? I absolutely hated wondering "what if," so then and there I set a date to make the change of my life. At the time I didn't realize what a GIGANTIC undertaking this was going to be for me.

I think the worst part of the whole journey was taking the before pictures, along with taking my weight and body measurements . . . I was so horrified/disgusted with who I had become. I think that whole process confirmed my desire to change.

Well, I started Slim in 6 and actually made it through the whole six weeks. That was a very empowering moment for me. Then I took off the suggested week for recovery, and started a second round of Slim in 6. I continued with Slim in 6 through the end of the year. During this time, I threw in the Slim Series to mix things up and keep me from getting bored with the programs. In those six months, I lost nearly 60 pounds and more than 40 inches! One thing about that time, though—it was absolutely not a walk in the park!! However, it was manageable; I just had to make sure I kept the bad food out of my house, and always Pushed Play five to six days a week.

After the first of the year, I decided it was time to try something new. So I purchased Power 90 and decided to take that journey. I had actually tried Power 90 a VERY long time ago but could never get through. So I made a New Year's resolution to complete one full round of Power 90, by the book. Then on April 9, 2005, I actually accomplished my first New Year's resolution ever!! It was SOwonderful!!! With this first round of Power 90, I saw results I never expected. It was so amazing that again I could see results similar to what I had seen with Slim in 6. That's when it hit me that Beachbody has such an incredible thing going, and they choose such wonderful products to sell!

Well, now I'm working on a second round of Power 90, and I just passed day 30. The exciting thing for me is that for the first time during this entire process, I have FINALLY made it past the 200-pound mark. Also, I have reduced my BMI from 41 clear down to 26.9, which is only 2 away from the normal range for my height and build. I have an ultimate goal weight of 165 to 180 pounds (doctor recommended). I am also sleeping as "normal" people should, and making the most of every day. It's such a wonderful feeling, knowing where I started and where I am now. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!! I love my new life way too much!

Through the changes I have made over the past year, I have learned so much about myself and what I can truly achieve when I set my mind to it. There were days when my eating may not have been what it should have been, weeks when I could only work out four days, or I just had a week when things weren't what I wanted them to be. But since I'm only human, what do you expect? This type of change takes a body a long time to get used to, and there are always trial-and-error situations that just can't be avoided. The key is to take those "bad" situations and turn them into something good, to learn from your experience.

Tanya S. (TMS 24)

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