October 2006


I guess the first thing to say is that Beachbody has changed my life and now the lives of those around me. It is safe to say that I have been big most of my life, but since I got married, my weight has been slowly increasing. The first major event that really got me thinking was when I went to Kings Island amusement park with my family and the families of two of my brothers. As we stood in line for 45 minutes for the Drop Zone ride we saw a large gentleman get turned away because he was too large to fit into the seat. As we stood there I said to my brothers, "I am glad I'm not that big—that would be embarrassing." I later found out that my brothers thought I was bigger than that guy. Well, when it was my turn to get on the ride, I was also too big and had to watch my two brothers and father ride while I stood outside the gates. But unfortunately that experience did not change my way of life.

Then one day I was sitting at my desk at work and a co-worker came up to talk to me. He is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and I assume weighs about 375 to 400 pounds. He walked up to me and said, "Hey, we are starting to look a lot alike." And pointed to his belly. At this point I weighed 312 pounds and thought that was exactly the road I was going down.

The next morning as my wife and I lay in bed, we talked about the fact that we needed to do something about our weight. So I turned on the TV and it was on whatever station I watched the night before as I fell asleep. On that station was the Power 90 infomercial. It was almost like it was a sign, so I ordered Power 90 that morning.

When the Power 90 DVDs and information packet arrived we looked it over and realized that although it looked difficult, with some hard work it was something we thought we could really do together. One of the main things about it was that at no point did it tell us that there were certain things we could not eat. Since both of us love food, that was a big plus. The main part of the Power 90 program that applied to me was portion control. If I was going to have pizza, I should only have one piece, not half the pizza like I used to eat. So we started the program and saw immediate results (which made it a whole lot easier to stick with it.) Having my wife by my side through the whole program was also a tremendous help. There were some days when I did not want to work out and some days she did not. Luckily the other one would push and we would get it done.

So what are our final results? I lost 92 pounds in 90 days. I've kept with exercise as a way of life and now have lost 106 pounds! I've even had to take my wedding ring in to get resized. My wife has also gotten great results. In 90 days she lost 28 pounds.

Needless to say, my life has been transformed. I now weigh less than I did when I graduated from college. I have also started a weight loss craze at my workplace. Everyone looks at me and says, "Hey, if Randy can do it, so can I." And when everyone that I know asks how I did it, I only say Power 90 and Beachbody.com. I have given that Web site address to countless people and three people that I know have already purchased it and started their own Power 90 transformations.

Randy J.

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