March 2006


I'm not really sure where to start, so let's just do it...

All my life I've been overweight. I was 180 pounds in high school 15 years ago, and I was 205 pounds when I got married in 2000! Then I had two kids right away and before I knew it, I weighed 265 pounds!!!

Every night my back used to hurt. I could hardly climb the stairs in my house, and I could barely keep up with my two children. I really hate to think back to how I used to look and how I felt. My emotions were horrible then! I could barely keep up with my kids, I could hardly fit into seats at the movie theater! I was wearing a tight 26+ / 3X 4X, and I used to hide in an empty room just to change my shirt so my husband couldn't see my belly. I was REALLY REALLY overweight, overfat, obese, whatever you want to call it; that was what I was. My life used to revolve around eating, snacking, and relaxing while watching TV. Every day I sat my big butt on the couch watching my soaps, and I always saw the Power 90 infomercial. All the smiles, all the successes, and I didn't believe those people were real. I thought you used tricky techniques to make skinny people look chubby in their before photos.

Boy, was I wrong! I ordered Power 90 and checked out while waiting for it to arrive. I saw so many before and after transformations that I became convinced it was really possible. Then I joined WOWY and the Message Boards and actually met all these real people who were a success! So I started eating well, and off I went!

Power 90 arrived and I Pushed Play that day. My day 1 photos were taken at 265 pounds. EEEK! That was the beginning of the rest of my life! Now I'm here telling you MY VERY OWN SUCCESS STORY! On day 1 I weighed 265 pounds, and by day 30 I was down to 240 pounds and I'd already lost 22 inches. By day 60 I had lost 33 pounds and 33 inches, and then by day 90 I'd lost an amazing 51 pounds and 40 inches, plus 3 percent of my body fat!!! Woohoo!

I've got to say it again: I lost 51 pounds and 40 inches in only 90 days! WOW! And better yet, I'm so involved, I can't not work out every day! I love it! It's now a part of my lifestyle of healthy eating plus regular exercise, and through that I'll reach my ultimate goal! I started Power 90 wanting to lose 100 pounds. I knew I'd never lose it all in just 90 days, but I didn't think I'd lose 50 pounds in that time, either! So I'm continuing with some other Beachbody programs to reach that ultimate goal of 100 pounds lost.

It certainly wasn't easy for me in the beginning. I remember thinking, "All I want is to see my inner thighs," because all I could see was my belly. So I kept on Pushing Play, visiting the Message Boards (hot mamas) and sticking with that great bunch of girls. I honestly couldn't have gone as far as I have without my hot mamas and WOWY buddies.

Now I have a new goal, to experience all of the Beachbody programs: Power Half Hour, Kathy Smith's Project: YOU, Turbo Jam. To tell you the truth, I can't wait for them to arrive! I use them all, but I'm swept away by Turbo Jam. I love Chalene and the crew! With only four months doing Turbo Jam I've lost an additional 45 pounds, for a grand total of 100 pounds lost! I'm actually excited to work out! What can I say? If I can do it, anyone can. I'm a true Success Story and if I can encourage just one person to reach their goal with Beachbody, I'll feel like I'm giving back.

Now my days are so different from the way they used to be. Everything is much more positive for me. We all eat healthy food and exercise regularly (even my two kids), and we enjoy so much more out of life. I'm so much happier and healthier and I have more confidence, better posture... heck, I've got my life back!

My medical conditions (constant back pain, leg pain, asthma) have fixed themselves, and my big-belly and big-booty syndromes are just memories. At least I can look back and laugh about them now.

I've never been happier and more excited to reach my goal weight. Just the thought of it makes my heart pound. Oh my goodness, this is still so unbelievable! I'm honestly so happy, I could cry! This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I could never have done this without the great bunch of people on the Message Boards. Thank you, everyone, for the support and the dedication. It's because of all of you that I'm where I am right now, and I honestly look forward to sharing many, many years with my Beachbody buddies!


I leave you with my 2006 goals:

  1. Continue to tone up
  2. Enjoy life
  3. Become a Beachbody Coach
  4. Wear shorts in public (haven't done that in over 15 years)
  5. Complete P90X!

Jenn B.

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