Teresa W.

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December 2006


It was November 2005 and I was looking online at the Turbo Jam ad on Beachbody.com. I had tried some of the other Beachbody workouts with some success, but I couldn't keep myself motivated when it came to watching my diet and exercising regularly. So, I mostly maintained my weight and lost a few inches. I kept looking at the Turbo Jam promotion and wondering if it would be another workout that I'd try, but not stick with. I decided that it looked like fun, so I gave it a shot. Boy, am I glad I did!

I received my DVDs in December and I started to "Turbo Jam" right away. I loved the workout from the beginning, but I was not motivated to eat better. I was still only exercising a few days a week, and my diet was not the greatest. I was 185 pounds and I knew something had to change. Well, change came when I got sick right around Christmas. I was out for a week with bronchitis and a fever. By January 2006, I was down to 180 pounds, due to the illness, and I started to exercise again once I felt better.

Also during this time, my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. We had been trying for almost two years, and had started to do some tests to find out why we weren't successful. I started to think that maybe my weight had something to do with it. And I began to think about how much I would weigh once I did get pregnant. The thought of being over 200 pounds scared me. I wanted to be a healthy mom, one in good shape for birth and a good example for her kid(s). I was also tired of being the fat friend in a group of size sixes. With Chalene working on my body, I knew I could get where I wanted to be.

So, on January 22, 2006, I stopped making excuses, and I started to do Turbo Jam six days a week. I also began Weight Watchers on my own, no meetings or online help. I had a number of friends who had been successful with their program, so I got the point books and began to keep track of what I was eating. I never realized what poor food choices I had been making until then. My weight by this point was back up to 186.4 pounds. I told myself that if I wanted this, I had to do it for me and nobody else. My goal was to lose 30 pounds before an anniversary trip to Hawaii in July.

I started doing workouts at low impact, but soon I was doing the workouts at medium, then high intensity, and loving every ounce of sweat that was dripping from my hair and body. Within a month I had already lost eleven pounds and nine inches. I was motivated by my results, because I had told myself to be happy with a slow loss of five pounds a month. The next month I saw another seven pounds drop and three more inches. Also, clothes were beginning to slide off my hips. I was already halfway to my 30-pound goal.

By my fourth month I had reached my 30-pound goal, and I still had another month and a half before my Hawaii trip. I had lost a total of 23.5 inches, with the biggest loss in my chest and waist. I was so excited about the chest loss (my husband wasn't so happy) because my shoulders had always been sore due to carrying the extra weight. Now I was standing up straight and had no pain in my shoulders. Chalene was such a motivator that I purchased more Turbo Jam DVDs and all my friends and family knew how I lost the weight. I know that Weight Watchers taught me to eat better, but I attribute my success to Chalene and Turbo Jam. I love getting up in the mornings before work and Pushing Play. Without her and the program, I would never have lost the weight, looked so toned, and gotten in such great shape.

When the time came for me to get on the plane to Hawaii, I had lost 40 pounds, ten more than my goal, and 28 inches. I was wearing size eights and tens; when I started, I was a size 16. I hadn't been a size eight since early high school. I could now fit in my high school cheerleading uniform and prom dress. I even bought a bikini for the first time ever! I was proud of the body I had created with Chalene's help. I was also receiving compliments from family and friends about how great I looked. How I looked didn't even compare to how I felt inside. I was more confident and I felt healthier.

It is now November 2006. I am maintaining my weight with Turbo Jam and using Weighted Gloves during my workouts. I can't wait for the new DVDs to arrive. I've told everyone about the workout and many of my friends are doing it now. I have my second graders, as well as a few other classes at my school, working out each week using some of the Turbo Jam punches and kicks. They love it and can't wait until we exercise! Just a thought, Chalene, maybe you could make a kids' workout series. I know I would use it.

My husband and I are still trying to have a baby and we are getting closer to that future. For now, I know my baby will have a healthy, strong, energetic mom. I plan on continuing Turbo Jam and eating right for the rest of my life. I am now in control of my food and body, not the other way around. I thank you for reading my Success Story. I hope it will motivate others to finally do what it took me 33 years to do: take charge of my life and stop making excuses!

Teresa W.

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