November 2006


Dear Beachbody,

My Beachbody journey began February 19, 2006. I did my first Slim in 6 workout, and I haven't looked back since. The day had finally come when I decided that I was going to take my life back.

I had naturally been thin as a teen and into my twenties. I was fairly active, and actually enjoyed working out. I would put on my leg warmers (remember those?!) and do my LIGHT workout. I started to notice some changes in my body as I got into my thirties. My weight started to creep up and I couldn't lose it as easily anymore. My work schedule got crazy, and there never seemed to be enough time. Working out wasn't a priority and fast food became a staple in my diet. I went though the McDonald's drive-thru so many times a week, they knew my order by heart. I couldn't believe what was happening to my body. I couldn't fit into any of my clothes anymore, and I felt winded at the slightest physical exertion. I was still in denial though. In my mind's eye, I thought I was still that young, active, fit girl. I, the person who loved to shop, now hated to go to the mall to try on clothes. I was so ashamed that I had gone up so many sizes. I hated the way I looked in everything. I decided that I would try exercise, so I could get "skinny" again. I did work out a couple of times, but I'd get tired and give up, promising that I'd really start and stick with it starting Monday. Monday never came. I then tried the diet route alone. But that quickly failed as well. I'd starve myself all day and then binge on junk all evening. Frustrated with myself, I'd promise that I'd start again tomorrow. It never happened. Also, during this time, my husband had decided that he wanted to get in shape. He started to work out and eat healthy. I noticed the changes, and was happy for him, but it made me feel even worse about myself.

I was up late flipping channels and the infomercial for Slim in 6 caught my attention. I couldn't turn it off. I continued to watch and found myself crying. I could relate to all of the stories. I could no longer deny the truth. I was almost 40, out of shape, overweight at 170 pounds and wearing a size 14/16. Where had the young, vibrant, fit girl gone? I felt trapped in a body that wasn't mine. I hated the way I looked and hated the way I felt. I ordered Slim in 6 right then. Unfortunately, it still took me almost 6 months to begin the program. I was still very busy and full of excuses.

That has since changed. I decided that I would not go another day being unhealthy. It was time to reclaim my life. When I did that first Start It Up! workout with Debbie my life changed, my thinking changed, and shortly after, my body changed. I started to take the Slimming Formula, deciding if I was going to do the program, I was going to do it completely. I started to eat healthy as well, knowing my results would not be nearly as good if I was still filling my body with junk. I Pressed Play six days a week without fail, even if it was midnight. I logged on to almost daily for motivation. I was astounded; it seemed like my body changed daily as well. Within two weeks, people around me were noticing that I was losing weight. I have a love/hate relationship with Debbie Siebers. She works me hard, makes me swear, and I truly love it. The program is not easy, but it WORKS. There is no better feeling than when I finish a workout, dripping sweat, knowing that I've done something that is benefiting me for a lifetime. In 6 weeks I went from 170 pounds to 157 pounds and I lost over 18 inches and went from a size 16 to a size 10. Did I mention that was all in just 6 weeks?

Well, time has passed and as a business owner, I'm as busy as ever, but I'm still devoted to the Beachbody workouts. I am now doing Debbie Siebers' Slim Series. Seven months since that first Slim in 6 workout, I am now 131 pounds and wear a size 6. People ask me for fitness and nutrition advice. I, the former McDonald's poster child, am inspiring others. I send them to I'll never stop this journey. Thank you, Beachbody, for helping me find the fit, healthy, happy girl that I thought was lost forever.

Tammy G.

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