July 2006


I've struggled with weight most of my life, since childhood. Growing up in a Hispanic household meant you ate everything on your plate! I was always a chunky kid; skinny was considered unhealthy in my family. It wasn't easy getting teased by my skinny cousins. I was thin during my teenage years, but always had to watch what I ate and work hard to not gain weight.

Once I had my son, I lost the weight I put on during pregnancy, but once I stopped breastfeeding, I gained 20 pounds in one month and it just went downhill from there. I had my gallbladder removed in 2003, and since then I had stomach problems, almost on a daily basis. Fats were the enemy, but yet I consumed them knowing well that they would make me sick—my body just couldn't process them. While I didn't gain any weight since, I didn't lose any either. By this time, I had let myself go from a size 6 to a size 12. I felt sorry for myself but didn't do anything about it, and I actually got comfortable in a size 12. I dreamed of being thin again, but kept telling myself that it was not possible. I didn't have the willpower to eat clean or the time to exercise. I stayed a size 12 for 8 years.

Then my cousin Nicky completed Slim in 6 and told me about her great results. I was skeptical at first, but once I saw her "before" and "after" pictures, I became a believer. I ordered the program only to let it sit on my nightstand for a few weeks. Then one day something clicked and I was determined to start and complete the program. I read through all the materials, started my food journal, and completed my first workout in ages. Those 6 weeks of Slim in 6 were tough. I even shed some tears. I gave up sleep in the morning in order to fit the workouts into my schedule. I got up at 5:15 every morning, 6 days a week, determined not to quit. I started telling people what I was doing, in order to keep myself accountable and to keep myself from giving up. I'm not a quitter and the more people that knew, the better, because I didn't want them to say, "Hey, look, she's not losing weight." I started in the middle of May 2005. I lost 7.5 pounds and 5 inches with Slim in 6. I would have lost more only I was still trying to get a handle on my eating.

I completed Slim in 6 and immediately started Slim Series and by day 94 since I started, I was down a total of 21 pounds and some 14+ inches. I became a believer and as the clothes got bigger and bigger, I was more determined to lose it all and reach my goal. I had dropped 3 whole sizes in 13 weeks. I surfed the Message Boards but it took me almost 2 months to join in and become an active part of the threads. I'm glad I did join in. I found that I lost even more weight with my new BB buddies cheering me on and the MyBeachbody personalized Diet Plan really helped me tremendously. I tracked my progress and workouts on WOWY and the weight started to come off with ease. I am so addicted to the boards and the diet plan, it's minimized on my computer screen all day at work!

I started Turbo Jam after hitting a plateau with Slim Series, and can I just say that this is the best program I've ever done. The music, Chalene, and her crew, just motivated me to no end. I lost a total of 30 pounds by week 25 (with Slim in 6, Slim Series, and Turbo Jam combined) and I was more determined than ever to lose those last 10 pounds. I became addicted to the Turbo Jam workouts and lost 18 pounds in total with Turbo Jam alone, for a total of 40 pounds to meet my goal. I also cut my workouts from 6 days to 5 days a week and my body responded a lot better to the change. The 2 rest days have made a huge difference. I watched my body just shrink, and when I pass a mirror, sometimes I have to look twice because I still don't believe it's me.

I owe so much to Beachbody, WOWY, and the Message Boards. These beautiful people I communicate with every day are my inspiration, my rock. They keep me motivated and accountable! I know now that I have been empowered with the tools to make this a lifelong change. We're only human and there will be days when we slip and don't eat right or exercise regularly, but Beachbody has provided the tools needed to quickly change our ways and get back on track. No excuses this time!

I never thought I would be wearing size-4 jeans and some size-2 slacks ever again in my life and here I am, looking slim and thin again. I'm so healthy now, medical problems have disappeared and for that I'm most thankful. Little did I know that I was the one in control of my health and it was up to me to make myself better! Next goal is to work towards a bikini body for summer! I have to firm, firm, firm, and will continue to work out 5 days a week to maintain.

Thank you Beachbody, Debbie Siebers, and Chalene Johnson for changing my life. Thanks to all my BB Message Board buddies. You know who you are, you're the best and I love you all!

Member for Life,
Neyda C.

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