July 2006


I have always struggled with my weight. I remember going on my first diet as a child. However, as I grew up, I played a lot of sports and was able to control my weight with exercise and crash dieting.

After I graduated, I got married, had 2 children, and worked at a desk job all day long. After so many years of struggling with my weight, I finally just gave up. Over several years, I ballooned up to 250 lbs. As the weight piled on, not only did my physical appearance change, my inner self changed as well. I became very insecure and inhibited and my personality was suppressed by my weight. I avoided social settings and spending time with friends and family. My husband, children, and other relationships definitely suffered.

When my mom, who was also overweight, had a heart attack, I knew it was time to get serious and take my life back. The only time in my life I was successful at weight loss was when I was young and exercised. So I made gradual healthy changes in my diet and began doing Turbo Jam. Not only is it an AWESOME fat-blasting cardio workout, but it also sculpts and tones your muscles at the same time! It is so much fun and is like a party in your living room. The music is so motivating and Chalene is an inspiration. I truly love doing it almost every day and miss it so much if I don't. You can't say that about many other workouts!

My results have been amazing! I have lost 97 lbs. and have kept it off. That's a person! I have gone from a size 24 to a size 6/8. It has been an incredible journey and a life-changing experience. I am so passionate about Turbo that I became a Turbo Instructor and Personal Trainer. I want to encourage and inspire others. I get so many compliments and am referred to as the "skinny" girl or the "Barbie doll" by my friends. However, not only has my physical appearance changed, but more importantly my inner beauty has been transformed. I am no longer held captive by my weight, but am free to be who I really am. My personality, zeal, and enthusiasm for life are back and my husband and kids have their wife and mom back! This is who I was meant to be and nothing can hold me back!

Thank you, Turbo Jam!

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