January 2006


I changed my life.

A few years ago I turned 42 and realized that I had spent the last decade not caring about what I ate, as long as it tasted good and filled me up as much as possible. I was known to my friends at the time as the "garbage can," since I could eat gross amounts of just about any food. It was not unusual for me to have a full-course dinner, then eat a whole pie or half a cake by myself. I have dozens of friends who will take the stand on this fact.

I never thought my diet would catch up with me, but at age 41 or 42 it did catch up with me in a serious way. I started buying baggy jeans, and from a size 30 waist, I moved up about an inch or two per year until size 34 jeans were snug and very uncomfortable, size 35 was more like it. I began to wear large, baggy shirts and T-shirts, and said to myself (as I'm sure many of us do and firmly believe), "Hey, I'm 42, it's normal, just look around, everybody my age is big and out of shape." I didn't know any better, and how could I? No school teaches it, and our parents didn't know; it was just the way things went, or so I thought.

One night, bloated, tired, and I'd say overweight, I saw an infomercial for Power 90. I didn't change the channel because I looked like the "before" photos and was convinced I would only get worse, since I had been trying to exercise and eat better but with very marginal results. I was doomed, I thought, and those people on the infomercial must be test cases or have amazing willpower or some kind of secret drive I couldn't have, and that's why they were on TV and I was on my couch eating God knows what, and not caring. I taped the infomercial so I could watch it again. At one point I saw Tony Horton climb up some ropes and pose off in some waterfalls and thought, "Wow, now that guy is in amazing shape, he must be an awesome trainer to be looking so great for a guy who's in his early thirties." The second time I watched it I couldn't believe what I heard, that Tony was in his forties! That was pretty much it. I was completely embarrassed and ashamed that a man older than me had not fallen for excuses and given up on his health and well-being, not to mention his incredible strength and physical abilities. Here was a man who was just like me, flesh and blood, as human as any of us, and yet he was doing things most 25-year-olds would only dream of trying. And here I was, rotting away.

Knowing myself, and knowing I was a lazy person with limited energy, I forgot about it and tried not to think about exercise and all that nutrition stuff—that's for people who have nothing better to do and tons of time on their hands. I was wrong again.

One day I was driving on a bad road over bumps, potholes, and railroad tracks, and I noticed that every time I went over a bump or a pothole, my belly would bounce down over my belt and then bounce back up. I didn't laugh as I might have on any other day. It wasn't funny this time. I went home, dug up the Power 90 infomercial, and went to the Beachbody site. I read the stories, saw the products, and wanted this to happen FAST. I ordered Slim in 6 because it was only a 42-day program, but sadly, when it arrived it just sat there for close to a year. Did I mention how lazy and unmotivated I can be? I hadn't even opened the package!

One day, out of boredom, I decided to pop in the Slim & 6-Pack workout and just do some crunches, you know, give this crazy Beachbody stuff a try. I loved it and began to explore the other tapes, but I was still not sure the program could work for me. My cardio abilities were bad and instead of improving them with Slim in 6, I remained lazy and just kept doing the abs workout. Before long, I noticed it was actually working—I could feel my abs under the layer of fat, and I started to get excited and less cynical. I had tried diet pills, creams, injections, low fat, low carb, high whatever, and nothing had given me the results I wanted. So I kept doing the workout regularly.

At the end of the Slim & 6-Pack routine was an ad for Power Half Hour, and there was that blasted Tony Horton guy again, ripped and fit and OLDER than me, GRRRRR. I ordered Power Half Hour and as soon as it arrived, I began doing it religiously, and sure enough it worked too. After about a month, I was looking and feeling better and had gotten a grasp on my eating habits, thanks to the Beachbody nutrition guides. The motivation I got from the Message Boards was incredible. I started losing weight, gaining muscle, and changing my life.

What happened next is the cherry on top. I ordered P90X and made the commitment to Bring It! My food intake became more exact, my workout awareness and intensity skyrocketed, and I saw changes I could have only dreamed of. I'll let the camera speak on my behalf, since a picture really is worth a thousand words. Have a look and decide for yourself. I'm not here to sell Beachbody products or fool anyone. I did the programs, I stayed with it, I followed the nutrition guidelines and logged on to the Message Boards every chance I got. It wasn't magic. Perhaps my journey wasn't as great a challenge as yours might be, but whether it's 10 pounds or 100 pounds, try it. Now I have my life and my self-esteem back, and I intend to keep them this time.

Thanks to Carl, Debbie, Tony, and everybody who gave me this "gorgeous" gift. It's just pennies a day to have your life and health back. I am now the "after" photo I always dreamed of... and at the age of 44! If only I had done it sooner! If only I had known sooner how amazing I could be and feel!

Finally, to all my friends on the Beachbody Message Boards, thanks for the guidance, inspiration, and motivation. It made all the difference in the world.

Thank you.

Koko T.

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