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August 2006


My Beachbody experience . . . it's been a long journey.

It all started back in September 2005, after giving birth to my third child. The pregnancy started out like all my others. I was in good shape and was going to make sure it stayed that way. Yeah, right, the pregnancy cravings took over!! At my 22-week checkup (after gaining LOTS of weight in the first trimester), my husband and our, then, two kids (son, 6 and oldest daughter, 3), went to my ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of the third baby. It was there that we got the shock of our lives. After looking and looking, for what seemed to be an eternity, I asked the doc if there was only one in there. At previous appointments, my friend and I joked around that with all the weight I was gaining, I was gonna have twins.

Well, little to our knowledge, what our doc told us is something I'll never forget to this day. In the same sentence, we found out that we were indeed carrying twins, but that one twin's heart had stopped beating. How does one comprehend such news?? I think I sat there on the exam table for a good 5 minutes before it sank in what the doctor had just told me. Of course, I started to cry, as did my hubby (only discreetly, so the kids wouldn't be worried). I was sad, I was mad, I was angry. Why, of all people, would this happen to me? I had gone through my first two pregnancies with NO troubles. So naturally, I went into this one thinking it'd be smooth sailing as well.

So needless to say, the remainder of my pregnancy I was put on high risk. Monthly ultrasound appointments at the clinic . . . and all that. They never really knew why the twin had passed, and we will never know. It was heartbreaking to say the least. But, I continued to look forward to the birth of the surviving twin. On September 20th, 2005, I gave birth to both babies. Twin A (the one that passed), was just a small handful of (for lack of better terms) goo. This is what my friend had told me. I just didn't have the heart to look. And twin B, whom we named Kaitlyn Grace, was born at a healthy 7 pounds, 14 ounces. She had no troubles for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Here's where the weight loss comes in.

Upon coming home from the hospital 3 days later, I made the courageous move to step on the scale. I had hit 214 pounds. That's a number that I hadn't seen in ANY of my pregnancies.

The first few weeks, I told myself I'd see how things went, getting used to life with 3 kids. The doc said to wait at least 3 weeks before starting any exercise, so I followed those orders to a T. LOL Luckily, the weight was just dropping off. Week by week, the numbers on the scale went down.

At 6 weeks postpartum, the numbers STOPPED. That's when I decided that it was time to lose the weight the HARD way. Breastfeeding wasn't going good anymore, but I continued to pump. At 6 weeks postpartum, I was down to 178 pounds. I started off by doing yoga and Pilates at home and also purchased the Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs. I was nowhere near comfortable to hit the gym again just yet. I had also incorporated Power 90 into my fitness routine. I had received the Power 90 series a year before getting pregnant, and it was a great motivator for me. When Power 90 was over with one day, I kept the tape going. It was then I saw an infomercial about Slim in 6. It hit home, because it talked about moms wanting to lose the baby weight in just 6 weeks. I thought, "6 weeks? I can do this!" So I bought that series and officially started on January 1st (yeah, it was my New Year's resolution). On January 1st, I was down to 163 pounds. I totally changed my diet and fitness routine. I started working out 6x a week, and on some Saturdays, would do 2 workouts. THAT was tough in the beginning, because I was SO out of shape

After the Slim in 6 series was over around Valentine's Day, I was down to 151.2 pounds . . . just pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 147. My goal was to reach that weight by the time we left for Arizona on March 17th, 2006. So after the Slim in 6 series was over, I continued on in my weight loss quest with the Slim Series. They were very helpful in getting the body fat percentage down. Of course, in that 2 weeks left in February, I made my pre-pregnancy weight! I was SO excited, but yet still wasn't as toned as I wanted to be. So I kept "Pushing Play" as they say in the workout videos. I finished up the Slim Series, and just in time, a friend told me about Turbo Jam. I had put in an application to be a House Party Host and to my surprise, I was chosen! So I received the basic stuff for free!! I still remember yelling at the UPS man that he had made my day with that delivery. I was hooked on Turbo Jam from day 1.

When I got back from Arizona at the end of March, I decided to shoot for a goal weight of 135 pounds and my goal date would be my 30th birthday on July 1st. On April 1st, I weighed 141.8 pounds. I continued cutting calories and working out 6x a week for at LEAST an hour a day. I kept seeing better results (as did my hubby *wink*). I was so hooked on Turbo Jam that I bought all the Turbo Jam I could. I guess you can say that working out is my addiction. Not a bad addiction if you ask me. I have had such great support from my husband, family, and friends. They know I'm super-dedicated to working out, and I've since motivated some other friends to try Turbo Jam. Yep, the word has spread . . . Turbo Jam IS the ultimate workout in this gal's book.

I hit my first goal weight of 135 pounds on July 7th, just one week after I turned 30. In just a matter of about 5 months, I dropped my body fat percentage in half and to date, I've lost almost 80 pounds by using Beachbody workouts and proper diet and exercise. I went from a 14/16 at the beginning of the year, to a size 6. I became so motivated with Turbo Jam, that I've decided to become a Turbo Kick instructor too!!

My newest goal is to weigh about 130 pounds by September 1st and become more toned. I have to say that I'm proud to be such a healthy 30-year-old mom of 3! Thanks Beachbody, for such GREAT workouts!!

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