November 2006


Dear Beachbody,

I was 230 pounds and decided this was no way for me to live. When I found out that I was pregnant, I decided now was the time to start eating better. I had to give myself and my growing child the proper nutrients. I started out adding vegetables to my diet. That wasn't so hard. I gained only about 11 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy and 7 of those pounds was the baby.

At 6 weeks postpartum, I weighed 224 pounds. After having two children and being overweight basically my whole life, I decided it was time for a change. If I didn't start doing something for myself, I was only going to lead my children down the same path. I started walking three days a week when I went back to work after my second child. They are only 22 months apart. After about 5 or 6 months, I saw a 15 pound weight loss. "Wow!" I thought. My husband and I went on a weekend getaway for our anniversary, and he wanted to support me in any way that he could so he ordered Power 90 for us. We waited (not so patiently) for it to arrive and began as soon as we could.

When we started Power 90, I weighed 208 pounds (size 18) and in the first 30 days I lost 9 pounds and 5 inches off my body. I don't recall if I missed any of the workouts in the first 30 days, but that is irrelevant. This program was WORKING. I continued even through my vacation—I took my DVDs with me to Utah for a family visit. I only did three out of six, but again, it didn't really matter because I was still in the process of making a lasting change for myself.

We had ordered Power Half Hour and some additional B-LINES Resistance Bands before we'd left on our vacation, but when we got home I only did a few workouts here and there. I lost my momentum and then kind of stopped. So here I was again sitting on my butt with a program that really worked just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I stayed in touch with the Beachbody community through the Message Boards and soon realized that a couple who started Power 90 at the same time as we did had almost completed their program! So I picked myself up off the couch and got back into it.

I set up my calendar for a new 90 days. Between missing a few days here and there, and incorporating some Power Half Hour workouts to keep it interesting, I pushed my end date back by a week, which put my finish date on Christmas Day. By Christmas 2005, I was down to 175, 33 pounds gone from when I'd started Power 90. So I next purchased the first four DVDs of Power 90 Master Series. The day after New Year's, I started a mix of Master Series and Power Half Hour. Then the remaining two Master Series became available and I purchased them and started the Lean Program and didn't miss a day until the last week.

The day came when I went shopping and tried on a size Small. It fit, and when I wore it to work my coworkers didn't even realize that it was me from behind. I received more comments about my weight loss on that single day than I knew what to do with. My daughter (3 1/2) could do some of the moves better than I could at first. Her favorite is the Dreya Roll. Anytime someone mentions exercise at the house, that is what she demonstrates for them. By the time I was done with the Lean Program, I was down another 18 pounds and the compliments kept on coming. I could rarely go a week or more without having someone comment on how well I was doing.

My sister came to visit and when we picked her and her family up from the airport her husband told her that if it hadn't been for my daughter being with me, he wouldn't have recognized me. Only a year ago I was a size 20 (postpregnancy) and not a comfortable size 20 at that! After another month of Power 90 Master Series, I started P90X and was down to 150! It was very challenging and time intensive and now I'm a comfortable size 8 and it feels great!

My next challenge is Turbo Jam, but I've got to get another round of P90X completed before attempting to take on the addiction that I've heard Turbo Jam is. If it hadn't been for Beachbody, my family would not be healthy and my children would probably not know the meaning of the word "exercise" or the term "hard work" because as great as these programs are, they don't do themselves. You've got to Decide, Commit, and you WILL Succeed!

—Jill K.

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