James L., MD

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June 2006


I am writing to share the success I have had using Power 90 to change my life. Let me start off by giving you some background on myself. First, I am a 31-year-old orthopedic surgeon in South Carolina. I have always experienced problems throughout my adolescence and early adult life with weight control and have tried on several occasions to lose weight, but never with any success. You would think that as an orthopedic surgeon who gives advice out to patients and athletes daily about healthy living and exercise, that I would be able to follow my own advice. However, that never really seemed to happen.

In the past I always stayed active, but during the last five years, I have really let myself go and gained weight. I am 5' 7" and prior to my experience with the Power 90 program, weighed 195 lbs. I didn't feel that was too bad, but looking back I can't believe how unhealthy I really was. My diet consisted of frequent high-fat fast-food meals and late-night desserts. I never felt my busy schedule could accommodate time to exercise, so I didn't exercise. This is what brought me to the Power 90 point in my life.

I must credit my wife with half of my success—she introduced me to Power 90 and Beachbody.com. You see she had just given birth to our second child, a precious little girl, and had gained some weight from both children that she wanted to lose. We were sitting on the couch one evening flipping channels when we saw the infomercial for Power 90. My wife watched intensely for a while and asked if we could try this. I quickly said "Yeah right, like it will really work." At that point I didn't really think any more about it. Luckily however, the message of the Power 90 infomercial really spoke to my wife and it made sense to her. She came back to me a day later and again asked my impression of Power 90. I reluctantly gave in to the purchase—but remember saying "it really won't make a difference."

Being a physician I tend to inspect things thoroughly, thus when Power 90 arrived, I read the booklets completely. Upon reading the guidebook for Power 90, I realized something very quickly. Power 90 was different. Power 90 made sense. Let me explain why. It is the only exercise program that I have ever known to recommend a diet plan that makes real sense. True the diet is 50% of the program, but the diet recommendations made sense. In actuality, it really wasn't just a diet, it was a lifestyle change. This is exactly what I needed. Eat healthy, eat less but frequently, and with excellent menu suggestions to follow. I was beginning to think this might actually work. Then when I saw the videos, how well balanced and targeted they were, I began to get excited about them along with my wife for the possibility of what they might do for us.

So we started together on our journey with Power 90 and Tony Horton, and what a journey it has been. We also utilized during our weight loss Slimming Formula and Performance Formula, which we believed made a huge difference. I was amazed at how fast I saw progress. The weight seemed to just pour off. All I had to do was follow the guide. Now I would be a liar if I said it was easy—it never is—otherwise everyone would look like Tony Horton. Yet, Tony kept me motivated and I stayed with it. This brings me to the present.

So let's state were I was so that you can understand why I consider this a true Success Story. I am 5' 7", weighed 195 lbs., with a BMI of 30.5. I wore a size 36/38 pants. I usually check my cholesterol frequently because of a strong family history of heart disease and prior to Power 90 it was 185, which is not horrible. Now my goal for ideal weight in the beginning was 145–150 lbs. Then my transformation occurred and I am still shocked by the results. I currently weigh 135 lbs., 10 to 15 lbs. past my goal, with a BMI of 21.1 and I wear a size 30 pants, which are loose on me. So I lost a total of 60 pounds and approximately 8 inches off my waist. Even more amazing is my cholesterol. My cholesterol after Power 90 is 124. I feel better than ever before, have more energy, and basically feel like a new person.

Now it feels so good to go places where I see people I haven't seen in a while and to see their reactions to my transformation. I get so many compliments—even from my patients. That is why I have begun to recommend Power 90 to all of my patients who are willing to try it, because I truly believe in it and am living proof it works.

My wife has also been successful and I am so proud of her. She has lost approximately 35 lbs. and is still working at it and looks great. She has dropped four dress sizes and feels great as well. We have been so happy with Power 90 and since concluding it, we have also ordered Power Half Hour and Power 90 Master Series to add to our collection and to continue with our new lifestyle. My wife and I have committed ourselves to this new lifestyle and proudly use Beachbody products to keep us on the right track. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating Power 90. You have done more for us than we could ever thank you for. You have given additional years to our lives that I am sure we wouldn't have had living by our old lifestyle. Thanks again and God bless.

James L., MD

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