Jackie B.

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October 2006


Having always struggled to maintain a healthy weight, I am very aware of how quickly I can put on weight and how hard it is to get it off. I am a 37-year-old mother of four kids and have always tried to stay physically active. However, after my last child, I struggled with getting the weight off. Being depressed about the way I looked affected every area of my life. I tried many different programs, but Turbo Jam got me hooked. I began to really see major changes in my body. I not only lost weight, but inches, as well. What I found in Turbo was freedom—freedom to have a great time while getting fit. The music is off-the-hook fantastic and the energy Chalene brings every time is amazing.

Then, to share the passion I had for Turbo Jam, I hosted a Turbo Jam House Party, and through working out every day with Turbo Jam and following the Turbo Slim meal plan, I was able to lose the last eight pounds in 10 days, for a total of 33 pounds lost! I now weigh what I did BEFORE my FIRST pregnancy. I feel great, and in addition to the weight loss, my body composition is better than ever—I have more definition in my arms, abs, and back. I'm seeing muscles I never knew I had—all because of Turbo. Not only does it burn major calories, it sculpts and tones your body at the same time.

Having renewed confidence, I am now a gold-certified Turbo Kick instructor and presenter, sharing Turbo with others and encouraging them to reach their fitness goals, while having a blast doing it. Turbo is a program that I am very proud of and know that others who are struggling with weight loss can find the same freedom I found.

This has been a fantastic Turbo journey and I thank you, Beachbody and Chalene!

Jackie B.

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