June 2006


I had really always considered myself to be athletic. I loved being outdoors, and being active was always part of my life. But after the birth of my first child, I found that just "being active" wasn't enough to keep me in shape. I had put on a lot of weight and at my heaviest, I weighed 257.

I joined a gym and discovered kickboxing. I started to firm up a bit, but the weight wasn't coming off like I had hoped that it would. Eventually I lowered my weight to around 190–200 pounds and decided to get my fitness certification. Doing fitness research I ran across Turbo and that was it for me! Turbo's music, atmosphere, and the intense workout was exactly what I was looking for!

Then I got pregnant with my second child and because of complications, had to put fitness on the back burner. My second son was born, and I was right back where I started . . . 257! But this time, I knew exactly what I had to do!

Instead of struggling with the weight, combining Turbo, weight training, and carefully monitoring my nutrition, the pounds came off much easier the second time around.

Turbo isn't just a workout for me. I truly am obsessed with the program. Enjoying fitness now is easy and I have more energy for my kids. Setting a positive example for my kids to teach them that fitness is FUN, and being healthy is FUN, is really important to me. Turbo is fun and shows my children that working out isn't a chore.

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