2005 Hawaii Trip

April 2006


I have never been an athletic person. Sports just never seemed to be my thing. As soon as I got a driver's license and quit walking for transportation, my weight shot up. When I hit college, I was a size 16. I successfully lost enough weight to be a size 9 once in my life and the path to get there wasn't exactly healthy. I got married, got comfortable, and got lazy. Over the course of the next eight years, I packed on about 70 pounds and found myself struggling to sit down in my size 18 jeans. A trip to an amusement park really shook me into reality. I almost couldn't fit into the newer seats for the latest rides. To me, that meant I was getting ready to cross a line that I didn't want to cross. I tipped the scales at 202 pounds. My health was in a downward spiral and I didn't even realize it. The Slim in 6 infomercial hit me like a sledgehammer. I'm not always a patient person, so six weeks seemed like a time frame I could wrap my head around. I started in 2004 and the first six weeks of workouts were the hardest and easiest of my life. How is that even possible? I moved on to Slim Series, then on to Power 90, and now I'm doing Turbo Jam and going strong.

I cannot begin to express how valuable the Message Boards have been to me. I fear to mention a single name, since leaving out any one person would be totally unfair. The people on the boards have provided support along with a vast amount of information regarding fitness and nutrition. They've even made me laugh on some of my toughest days. I have met some of the most amazing people a person could ever want to meet.

Never really being very good at any sport, a single night, years ago, stands out in my mind. I played on a coed company-sponsored volleyball team. One particular night, I was the only person that could make it. A coworker called her husband to sub. He was part of a two-man volleyball team and he brought along his teammate. I explained to them that if the ball didn't make it over in one hit, a female had to hit at least one of the three hits before the ball went over the net. I wanted them to just do their thing and we wouldn't have to forfeit and I wouldn't have to display my lack of skills. The very first serve, one of the guys hit it to me. I hit the ball over the net amazingly enough. I reminded them that they could just hit it over without involving me. Neither of them let me out of the game. Honestly, it was the best three games of volleyball I've ever played in my life. Why is this so relevant? I look at a lot of the people I met on the Beachbody Message Boards as the other players that wouldn't let me out of the game. If you associate with people that have a skill you wish to acquire, possess a knowledge you wish to have, or display a characteristic you aspire to, your chances for success are far greater than if you forged ahead alone. No one except yourself can make you get in the game and stop watching life from the sidelines, but having a cheering section and mentors sure does help. No more sidelines for me.

I started this journey as a way to lose weight. In the beginning I recall saying "This is a lifestyle change," but not really believing it. Somewhere along the way it just came to be. Somehow my focus changed from how much I weigh, to how I feel. Not what size I am, but how strong I am. It's no longer eating for convenience or out of boredom, but eating to fuel my body. I can't exactly explain that emotional transformation; however it really is "a lifestyle change" for me now. I got more out of the entire Beachbody experience than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough, but THANK YOU!

Dawn M.

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