Melanie L.

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2005 Hawaii Trip


I'm a 44-year-old mother of eight, practically the Brady Bunch. I have five daughters living at home, plus I teach science and health to about 160 students. After my first round of Power 90 ending August 2004, I had lost 16 pounds and 15.5 inches (4.5 inches off my waist alone). When I went back to school, everyone flipped! What a transformation in 90 days. I kept crushing Power 90 and Power Half Hour.

In January 2005 I began my first round of P90X. This year I have completed not one but three rounds of the X!!! After finishing Power 90, I knew I wanted to Bring It to an even higher level. The X is extreme, and I feel such a great sense of accomplishment. To think that only a year ago I was swearing at Tony and barely finishing Sweat 1-2, and now I'm yelling at the TV for him to Give Me Some MORE! X,X, P90X! ARRGGHH! What can I say, I'm hooked!! When I started the X I could barely squeak out 1 pull-up, and now I can do 6 unassisted!

Do you know, I promote Beachbody all the time? It's unbelievable. People ask me what I do to be so fit and trim. I answer and even my husband and kids shout out: Power 90! My confidence has soared absolutely through the roof. Once my husband found me on my way back from the restroom, flexing and talking to three tables of diners about Beachbody and Power 90. Was that really me? The shy, big German girl? There are so many more stories...

I have brought this healthy lifestyle into our family and am a model for our children as well as for my students. My daughters join me in my workouts and, along with my husband, they give me high-fives and encourage me when my energy level needs a boost. I've even brought Power Half Hour to school to do with my students. Everyone asks me to flex, and my girls tell me the high school guys think I'm HOT (kind of sick but flattering). I now share clothes with my 16- and 18-year-old. I have my navel pierced. Can you believe I wear a bikini at age 44? I certainly never thought I would wear a two-piece ever again. At times I have to pinch myself or do a double take in the mirror. At a wedding I overheard someone say, "Look at that skinny mom dancing," and I turned around to see who they were talking about—it was ME!

I can't say enough about the online support and the Beachbody community. I have met so many genuine, caring friends. The Message Boards are key to my ongoing fitness mission. My success is partly due to all those who gave me encouragement, and still do. Meeting some of them in person in Chicago was life changing. There are SO many wonderful people on the same fitness journey together.

I am proof that Power 90 and P90X work. All you need is dedication, a little floor space, a TV, the videos, and to Keep Pushing Play. I am a very busy mother, and if I can find the time, anyone can. I keep a sign in my family room where I work out. It says, "No excuses, just results!" Or as Tony says, "Do your best, forget the rest."

So, Beachbody, you say: Decide. Commit. Succeed. And I'm living proof that you're right. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These words cannot even begin to say what I feel! I'm a Beachbody girl for life!


Melanie L.

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