November 2005


When I got pregnant with my second child, I took the "eating for two" concept way too seriously! After I gave birth, all those bad overeating habits stayed with me. I was at a record high of 165 pounds, so I asked my very slim and trim 40-year-old neighbor how I was supposed to lose weight and she said, "There is only one way—EXERCISE."

The very next day as I was sitting on the couch eating a bag of pretzels and drinking a Pepsi (thinking this was a good, low-cal lunch), I saw the infomercial for Slim in 6. I HAD to give it a try. The most important thing I did right from the start was to take my measurements. I didn't have a scale at home (thankfully) and I didn't like the idea of writing down my measurements, but it's a good thing I did.

After three weeks, I was ready to give up ONLY because I didn't feel I was losing weight. I took my measurements again and, to my surprise, I had lost INCHES. So I went ahead with Burn It Up! and wow, did I ever get results after that! People started telling me I had lost my second chin, and they wondered what I was doing. I ended up losing 35 pounds that summer.

Then I got pregnant with my third child. I decided I wasn't going to keep exercising the way I had been going—six days a week with grueling Burn It Up!—and thought it might be a good idea to take some time off so I would be ready to hit it hard again after the baby was born. I had finally adopted a healthier eating style, and I continued to work out a couple days a week with Thin Thighs Guaranteed! or some light exercises. Soon after the baby was born I started Debbie's Slim Series, and I was back into my "skinny jeans" within six weeks.

I had the dedication. I wanted to lose weight, not only to look good but to feel GREAT. And they go hand in hand. My friends and relatives still get annoyed when they try to reach me in the morning because they know I'm home exercising and I won't answer the phone. I don't exercise to be a size 0, I do it because I found the right program . . . one I LOVE, I think is fun to do, and that has now become part of my life.

There is NO better feeling than completing one of Debbie's workouts and getting to the stretch and cool-down part. It is such a great feeling, a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. It boosts your self-esteem to know that you did it!! You changed the way you look and feel (with a little help from Debbie), and you got through those workouts. It's about reshaping your body (and mind).

Today I'm still going strong with the Slim Series workouts, and I still love them!!! I have talked my mom and sister into buying their own Slim in 6 videos, and have loaned mine out to numerous friends. Even though now I feel I've hit a plateau and am no longer losing weight, my friends are always commenting on how I still seem to be reshaping my figure. It's all just too amazing for words. Thank goodness for Debbie Siebers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beachbody!

Tammy L.

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