April 2005

Slim in 6
Before After
Weight 158 125
Chest 40 34.5
Waist 31.5 25.75
Hips 39.5 34
Right Arm 10.75 9.75
Left Arm 10.75 9.5
Right Thigh 25.5 21.5
Left Thigh 25.5 21.5

Dear Beachbody,

I fell asleep in front of the TV late one night while I was nursing my 6-week-old newborn, and I awoke to the voice of Julie Moran. Initially she captured my attention, but what kept me watching the Slim in 6 infomercial were the amazing and inspirational success stories from people I could relate to. Some were young moms with stories much like mine, and to hear that they were able to lose their pregnancy weight quickly and to see how amazing they looked, well, I started to feel hopeful and excited. I started to think that if they could do it, then maybe I could, too! I was on the phone and ordering the program before the show was even finished.

I was sure I was going to wake up in the morning and feel guilty that I had purchased Slim in 6 on such an impulse and on so little sleep, too. However, I woke up excited and could not wait for the package to arrive! Luckily it arrived within a few days, and I literally tore the box open and read every piece of information provided—at least twice. I took my measurements, my weight, and those dreaded "before" photos, and was I ever surprised when I saw my pictures! I knew I was carrying extra weight and my body mass index indicated I was overweight, but when I saw the pictures, I gasped.

I remember thinking that Slim in 6 was going to be my little secret, and that I would only tell people about it after I had completed the program. I think I was afraid that people would laugh and tell me that it would never work because it sounded too good to be true. I was also afraid of failure. I had a lot of pregnancy weight that I couldn't wait to shed, and I didn't want any negative forces working against me.

Prior to becoming pregnant, weight was never a huge issue for me. If I found that my pants were getting snug, I would just watch what I was eating more carefully and sometimes I would get back into the gym. Even though my weight had not been a problem, I never considered myself to be physically fit. I was far too sporadic with my exercising. I would really get into it for a short period of time, and then I would get bored and take a long break. I couldn't justify getting a membership again when I knew I would only stick with it on a short-term basis.

I loved everything about Slim in 6! I loved its progressive workout levels, which enabled me to ease into working out again and gave me something to work toward. I loved Debbie and her straightforward routines, unlike so many videos where you feel as though you're trying to learn some fancy and complicated dance move. I loved the supplementary abdominal and stretch workouts. I loved how the workouts look deceptively easy, yet each one gave me a good challenge and would always get my heart rate in the perfect target zone. I loved the simple-to-follow nutrition plan and how it makes so much sense! I loved how much more energy I had and how great I felt.

I especially loved how I could actually see the results from week to week. I had never achieved such quick results before! At times I would wake up in the morning and feel that I was a little lighter. I would put my hands on my hips and they felt different, so I would grab the measuring tape and sure enough, and inch would be gone! It just happened that quickly! My original idea of keeping Slim in 6 a secret until the end didn't last very long. I was much too excited about it and about my results (I still am!), and people also started asking me what I was doing to lose weight.

When I completed Slim in 6 I had lost 17.5 pounds and a bunch of inches, including 3.75 inches from my waist, 3.25 inches from my hips, 2.5 inches from each thigh, 3 inches from my butt, 0.75 inches from each arm, and 1.75 inches from each knee, and my resting heart rate dropped from 84 to 54 beats per minute!!!! My husband and I were leaving for a weeklong vacation in another week, so I decided to put in an extra week and I lost another 2.5 pounds, for a total of 20 pounds gone!

After my vacation, I did two more weeks of Slim in 6 and then four weeks of Slim Series. I wasn't as fanatical about taking my measurements this time around, because I was sure that my results wouldn't be as great since my weight wasn't changing as dramatically. When it was time to take my "after" photos and measurements, I did so almost reluctantly, as with this round I had lost "only" 8 pounds. My husband took my pictures, and when I saw them I was absolutely shocked! I couldn't believe how my body had transformed! I also could not believe what my body was capable of achieving in just three short months of working out and eating well! I couldn't believe I could lose so many pounds and inches and gain so much muscle without having to set foot in the gym!

My husband agreed to do Power 90 with me, and I was so excited that he wanted to become a healthy and fit person again, and also to have him as my workout partner! We were going on a group trip to the Caribbean for a wedding, so we both wanted to get great Beachbodies! When we had first learned of this trip, I was pregnant with my second child and I was really concerned about how I would lose my pregnancy weight in just 8 months—especially since I still had 15 pounds to lose a year after having my first child! Slim in 6 and Slim Series got rid of those worries and Power 90 helped to further shape and tone my body. I felt so confident wearing a bikini on the beach!

That night when I awoke to Julie Moran in the Slim in 6 infomercial and I saw how so many people just like me had totally reshaped their bodies in such a short period of time, I knew that Slim in 6 and Beachbody were the answers I was looking for. What I didn't know was that fitness would become a way of life for me. I started on May 24, 2004, and I am still going strong and loving it. My husband and I are now doing P90X together and we love it! It is intense and crazy and fun and it is definitely extreme! I am continually amazed at what my body is capable of and I look forward to seeing what else it can do and where else it will go. To date I have gone from a size 12 down to a size 4, my body fat has dropped from approximately 26% down to 18%, I have lost over 30 pounds, and I am seeing muscles that I had long forgotten about or have never seen before. After giving birth to two children, I was convinced that I would never again have a flat stomach or be lean. I personally think that my abs look better than they ever have and I am certain that my body fat is lower than ever, too!

Beachbody.com provided me with all the necessary tools to reach and surpass my goals. All I did was follow the programs exactly as outlined in the guidebooks provided, and find the motivation to do it. WOWY and the support I receive from the Message Boards has been such an integral part to my success and has really kept me motivated. The Beachbody community is truly remarkable.

I am hooked on Beachbody! I am so incredibly grateful and thankful especially to Debbie, Tony, and everyone at Beachbody for: a) existing!, b) putting together amazing programs that really do work, and c) continuing to create new programs and for updating your Web site to keep it current with new and fun features! I can't tell enough people about you!

Thanks, Beachbody, for making me feel great and for helping me feel comfortable—and confident—in my own skin again!


Suzie G., "Sooze"

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