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June 2005


Just had to say thanks and let you know how wonderful Beachbody really is!!

I am 31 years old, have four kids, and have never really been in shape—thin off and on throughout life, but never really in shape. After having two babies back-to-back, I gained quite a bit of weight, although I would not admit to that then.

My husband ordered Power 90 when I was away at a women's church retreat. He wanted to bulk up and I wanted to slim down. Twice we started the program, but didn't make it past the first two weeks. I didn't honestly think I needed to lose that much weight anyway—after all, I had just had a baby.

Okay so I kept that whole line of "I just had a baby" for a year before I just couldn't use it any more. On my baby's first birthday, out of curiosity, I weighed myself and what a shocker it was!! 183 pounds—how in the world did that happen? Just three years before, I was 125 pounds! I couldn't blame it on the babies any more...I was just out of shape and overweight. I weighed more on my baby's first birthday than I did when I gave birth to her—NOT GOOD!! It was time for a change!

I decided I was going to do this Power 90 thing. I logged on to WOWY for the first time on August 24, 2004 and did my first sculpt workout. After the workout was done I went to the Message Boards to look for support—I had to stick with it this more quitting. I found great support online, which kept me accountable and motivated.

I started Power 90 wanting to be thin again and to wear a certain on my second round of Power 90, all I think about is sculpting my muscles and being in great shape AND getting into that certain dress...which, by the way, I can fit into finally! Woo hoo! I have so much more energy for my kids, I'm not so grumpy, and I have tons more self-confidence. I'm so happy with myself, with my results. I know if I can do this program, anyone can!

I've got to say I'm totally addicted to Power 90! I tell everyone I know about it and how much it helped me not only lose weight, but get in shape for the first time in my life.

I lost 44 pounds, 33.5 inches, and dropped from a size 16/18 to a size 8/10 with Power 90. This program is amazing—so simple yet so effective. If you Push Play every day and eat right, it will totally work! Tony makes working out a blast and I look forward to working out every day. Who would have thought that working out and sweating could be so much fun? It is with Power 90! Next up for me is Power Half Hour and I am really looking forward to that.

Big, big thanks to my husband for ordering Power 90 for me, pushing me through it, and believing in me the entire time. Thanks to Beachbody for making this great program, WOWY, and the Message Boards. Thanks to Tony for making the workouts so much fun. Thanks to all my support online, too—you guys are too awesome for words!

Stephanie S., "stufawen"

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