Shirley L.

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November 2005


I was weighing 220 pounds and about to go into a size 18. I had to ask God to help me lose weight, and He brought me to your Slim in 6 program. I ordered it around August 2004 and I followed the exercise plan and Michi's Ladder, and I took ActiVit Multi-Vitamins. After four months I ordered Slimming Formula and continued doing the program, with absolutely GREAT results!

I now weigh 125 pounds and wear a size 3-4. I feel great about myself! And I've noticed an interesting bonus—when I do my workouts in the morning, I have more energy all day.

Recently I ordered Power Half Hour to build more lean muscle mass. While I've reached my goal weight, I am focusing on more definition. I'm already at a whole new level and I've only been doing this Power Half Hour program with Tony for two weeks. Tony makes working out really fun.

All of your programs are great and they really work! I thank God for your videos! As soon as I master these workouts, I will order your next programs geared more toward bodybuilding.

I am sending you my photos and stats to share my success!

Thank you, Beachbody, for your wonderful programs.

Shirley L.

P.S. Now my daughter is doing Slim in 6 and my son, who just suffered a mild heart attack even though he is quite young, is doing Power Half Hour to improve his health.

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