Melissa H.

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March 2005


I first learned about Beachbody when I read a local news story about two policemen who were chosen to attend the Power 90 trip to Hawaii because they transformed their lives and bodies with the Beachbody fitness videos. My husband and I went to the Beachbody site, and he ordered Power 90. I was pregnant with our third child at the time, and really didn't want to start exercising. I agreed to join him after the baby was born, but that promise fizzled.

A few months later, and unhappy with my body, I decided to check out Slim in 6. It was a fairly short-term commitment, so I thought I could handle it. My first workout was on October 4, 2004. My original goals weren't very conventional. I really didn't care about how much weight, how many inches, or how much body fat I would lose (and to some extent, I still don't). My main goals were: to have a belly that didn't stick out further than my chest, to lose the fat rolls on my sides and back, and to not have such a "light bulb" shape from my hips on down. I wanted to see results. And I did—but not just in my appearance. I actually felt better. Before, I lacked energy, was grumpy a lot of the time, and would often wake up in the morning feeling tired. During the first 6 weeks, I had more energy, my mood seemed to be improving, and I was waking up in the morning not feeling run-down. The workout program really impacted my whole outlook.

I finished the first 6 weeks (plus a makeup week) just before Thanksgiving 2004, then took a week off (I mean completely off—no exercise at all). What a mistake! By the end of my little "vacation," I was back to feeling more like my "old" self—and I didn't like it!

I have finished two rounds of Slim in 6, and am loving the effect exercise is having on my life and on my body. I am getting ready to start Kathy Smith's Project: YOU, and look forward to continuing to tone my body. One of my main goals for 2005 is to focus on my eating habits. It's hard to resist a late-night pizza now and again! I know I need to eat more veggies, and I'm really trying to stick to five smaller meals per day. I also need to stay away from the sugar. I'm pretty consistent during the week, but tend to "let myself go" on the weekends. And you know what? I can tell a distinct difference in how I feel on Sunday and Monday (both physically and emotionally) after eating a little too much sugar on the weekend. It's all about mindset, and I'm in need of a paradigm shift here! Food for sustenance—not enjoyment!

I never liked exercise and I've never played sports. But this program is somehow different. It is definitely a continuing journey for me, and every day I am learning more about how to bring my body into the condition that God intended. It has been challenging with three kids running around (one of whom is still nursing), but I'm glad that Beachbody has provided the resources to help me do this. Beachbody goes beyond diet and exercise to help people make good choices for healthier lives.


Melissa H.

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