Martin and Astrid U.

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May 2005



January 1, 2004 found my wife, Astrid, and I sitting in front of the TV eating bowls of ice cream. We had just finished another Christmas season of good cheer, and my pants were showing the strain. I was wearing a tight 36-inch waist and was seriously considering moving up to a 38, which I reasoned was OK because as long as my waist was still less than my age, I was doing all right. Astrid's pants were also creaking, feeling the stress of Christmas past and present.

A Beachbody infomercial came on, and the transformations we saw were amazing. Considerately I said, "Astrid, you need to lose some weight! And I could probably lose a couple of pounds as well. Let's get the program, and I'll support you!" To make a long story short, after the dust settled we ordered the program. Astrid said, "There goes a hundred dollars down the drain!" We really didn't believe that we could lose weight at 43 and 41 years of age. We thought our size could only increase, not decrease.

Soon the Slim in 6 video arrived. We fasted for two days and after going through food withdrawal and some major emotional upheaval, we went for it. Stiff and starving, the first week almost did us in. It was our minds rebelling, mainly. The second week was better, and we continued till the end. I lost 30 pounds in the first 36 days! Incredible! And Astrid saw her body transform from 196 to 170 pounds. The comments we received were amazing, and we had to buy completely new wardrobes.

This year we decided to try the Power 90 program. I had gained back a little weight during the year, but this time primarily we wanted to shape and tone our bodies. We knew the Beachbody system would work, and with that attitude, we got to it.

Three months flew by, transforming Astrid and myself in places we didn't know existed. From our first Slim in 6 workout in January 2004 till our final Power 90 workout in March 2005, Astrid lost a total of 53 pounds and 39.75 inches, shrinking from a size 16 to a size 10! I lost 45 pounds and 35.75 inches, and I wear size 30 pants comfortably.

We both look and feel fantastic. We look at our "before" pictures, and are amazed at the transformation. We are better role models for our daughter, who has been cheering us on as only a 6-year-old can, and we are looking forward to our next program, Power Half Hour.

Thanks, Beachbody—you showed us that everything is possible!!

Martin and Astrid U.

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