Tom and Lisa G.

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2005 Hawaii Trip


One night back in February 2005, I was sitting up watching TV late at night, unable to sleep. My life was not as I wanted. I was overweight, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, struggling to keep up at work, having a tough time staying connected with my family, and feeling like my best years were sliding by. I guess I was a little depressed and maybe even feeling sorry for myself. Looking back, I was really ready for something to get excited about, something to help me find my inner motivation.

While flipping through the channels I saw Tony Horton on the Power 90 infomercial. It was the intensity and tone of his voice that first grabbed me. I was impressed that there were no gimmicks, no trendy equipment, just a simple philosophy of discipline coupled with a reasonable diet plan and a balanced exercise regimen. It was actually UP TO ME to make this work! Beachbody laid out the path, but I had to bring the motivation to stay on it. I recorded some of the show so my wife could see it, and went to bed thinking about how scary it was to consider taking risks. Scary to dip deep into myself again to seek the motivation to get through this program. What if I didn't have it anymore? What if I couldn't find the sustained discipline to see the program through for 90 days? It's easy to get lazy. How would I feel if I failed?

It took a little while, but I started thinking about what it would feel like to succeed rather than fail. It was a few days before I mentioned it to my wife, Lisa. I showed her the segment of the show that I had recorded and we talked about it. At this time my wife was 39 years old and we have three children. While fairly thin, she was very unhappy with her lack of muscle tone and physical strength. Focusing all her attention on the kids and neglecting her own fitness had, in her words, made her "soft." After some discussion we decided to go for it and ordered the Power 90 program plus some B-LINES Resistance Bands. We were both a little anxious waiting for the program to arrive, but we were excited, too.

When the package arrived, we started with the 2-Day Fast Formula to really kick it off. We set firm weight loss goals. I weighed in at 218 pounds, and wanted to lose between 25 and 30 pounds and gain size and definition in my upper body. Lisa was 130 pounds and aimed to lose only 5 or 6 pounds, but she wanted to really focus on increasing her muscle tone.

I have to tell you guys, staying with the program was tough at times. There were plenty of days when we wanted to splurge on the diet and have some treats. We were tempted to revert to our unhealthy eating habits and sitting on the sofa again. There were days when we had to motivate each other to keep going. Lisa frequently checked the Web site to get information and inspiration. Tony and "the kids" became our daily workout buddies and inspired us to greater and greater results. We Kept Pushing Play and we made it through!

The photos best tell the story. Just look at the expressions on our faces in the pictures! In our "after" pictures I am at 183 pounds and Lisa is 122 pounds, and just look at her muscle tone! Our friends, family, and co-workers can't believe the difference. Even our kids are in awe; they are always poking our biceps and smiling. They are proud of us. It has truly changed our lives. I channeled the discipline and confidence I gained to quit smoking on day 45, which also happened to be my daughter's birthday. It was the best present I could have given her. I will never go back to smoking again.

We have gotten our kids involved in doing the exercises with us, which has promoted a greater sense of unity and shared experience within our family. We are more active, and rarely do we sit around watching TV anymore like we used to. I am an avid golfer and the added physical strength, improved balance, and greater flexibility I gained from the program has added over 20 yards to my driving distance and lowered my scoring average by 6 strokes!

We are so impressed with the quality of Beachbody's programs that we have recently begun P90X. It has been tough, but each workout we complete gives us even more confidence and motivation to "Bring It" even harder to the next one! We are taking on new challenges, too. I recently organized my company's annual golf tournament and Lisa is coaching a girls' soccer team this fall. We are "Bringing It" every day and getting results in all aspects of our lives! We are having a lot more fun with life now.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tony and "the kids" who push themselves in all the Beachbody programs we have done, from Power 90 to Power Half Hour to P90X. Tony's humor and encouragement always make us want to test our limits. At ages 37 and 40, we are the envy of our family and friends because of Beachbody. We are Beachbody members for life. Thanks!

Tom and Lisa G.

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