September 2005


When I weighed 248 pounds, I didn't do anything with my kids, I was antisocial—I wouldn't even walk around the mall. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. When I was growing up my whole family was overweight, and initially my grandparents weren't supportive of my trying to get fit and lose weight. Then one of my co-workers told me she had joined a Turbo Jam exercise class and she started showing me the Turbo moves. The moves looked like fun, so I joined the class.

In the first month I lost 25 pounds! We all worked really hard, but it was like dancing till you dropped at a really fun party. Now I schedule my errands around my Turbo Jam routines because they're so energizing and motivational. I mean, I started doing Turbo Jam at size 24 and now I'm size 6 or 8, I've lost 113 pounds, and I choose to take better care of myself.

Now I'm the motivational one. I can run five flights of stairs, do a full workout with weights, and then have energy to run more flights of stairs. Turbo Jam has given me more than enough stamina to keep up with my kids, and I love taking them to the beach—even showing off my body in a bathing suit, something that I would never have done before.

So what is it about the Turbo Jam workout that really hooked me? The music, the moves, the energy, the fun, THE RESULTS! Because of Turbo Jam, I don't have to struggle to buy new clothes. I used to have to settle for anything that fit, but now I can buy clothes that I like and make me feel sexy.

I realize that my weight loss and healthy Turbo lifestyle has influenced a lot of people around me at work, not to mention my friends and family. I'm not used to that and sometimes I still have that 248-pound mindset. I forget myself and pick out a size L, and then realize that I need an S. It's a wonderful surprise over and over again when I catch myself in the mirror and see toned muscles!

I'm proud to report that my grandparents have come around, and now they are very supportive of my Turbo efforts and healthy results that have given them 113 pounds less of me to love.

Kelly I.

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