June 2005

Before After
Weight 159 165
Neck 14.5 14.5
Chest 40.25 42.5
Waist 32.25 30
Hips 33 34.5
Right Arm 12 14.5
Left Arm 12 14
Resting Heart Rate 76 60
Pull-Ups 12 21
Vertical Leap 19.75 25.25
Push-Ups 53 91
Toe Touch 4.25 5.5
Wall Squat 2:00 20:30
Bicep Curls 16 (30 lbs.) 10 (40 lbs.)
In & Outs 70 160

First I have to say wow, what an experience it has been! After two years doing Beachbody workouts, I am still going. By going, I don't necessarily mean I am still in front of the TV every day doing the video workouts, but I have taken all my newfound strength and energy outside, to once again do the things I love to do—walk, jog, swim, and of course play golf. I am not dogging anyone who thinks the living room, DVD player, and some resistance bands are all they need. I just feel that Power 90, P90X, Slim in 6, or any other routine you do should someday be the catalyst for other activities. I try to look at it like this: I used Power 90 to get me off the couch; now maybe it's time to also get away from that couch. Get outdoors, find or rediscover a sport or other activity you may be missing, go out and excel at it now!

My wife Tammy ("tamfish") and I have been Beachbody customers for over two years, and it has made a world of difference! We have met so many awesome, inspirational people along the way, and we can only hope that we have returned the favor. My only hope is that I can maybe cause one person reading this to finally follow through and start Pushing Play!! That would be the ultimate in "paying it forward" for me.

Even though I never was overweight or had a lot of pounds to lose, my Beachbody experience has meant so much. It has been a change of life and lifestyle. I never imagined I'd be this fit and strong at 39! And everything I do now is more fun—the improvement in my golf swing alone is awesome!

From Power 90, to Power Half Hour, to the ultimate workout—P90X! Going on the Hawaii trip with Beachbody in 2004 really inspired me to give the X another go. I had started it in March 2004, but hurt my shoulder about 6 to 7 weeks into the program. My body was telling me to stop. I had to listen! Unfortunately, that shoulder took awhile to heal completely and, although I didn't realize it at the time, I was letting all the strength gains and muscle tone I had achieved with Power 90 and Power Half Hour just slip away.

Meeting Tony in Hawaii was a really motivating experience. I also met Beachbody's Mike Karpenko, who gave me some awesome tips on the P90X Nutrition Plan and how to make it really work for me this time around. I met Dale C., who got totally fantastic results from Power 90 and P90X, and talking to him really lit a fire under me. So I came back from that trip ready to commit and really BRING IT for a full 90 days!!!!

The workouts were new to me all over again. And they were FUN. Soon I found myself, on the commute home from work, counting the minutes until I could log into WOWY and pump some iron! The strength and muscle were coming back FAST—I was amazed at how my body responded so quickly. About two thirds of the way through the rotation, one night I decided to just see how many max standard push-ups I could do. When I was 27 years old in the U.S. Army, I maxed out at 72 push-ups in two minutes on a PT test. On this particular night, I did 74! At age 39!

This led to a personal challenge issued by Tony for his Santa Monica Fitness Camp in August 2005: a "push-up challenge" between him and myself—max standard push-ups in two minutes, Army PT style. As of day 90 of P90X, I'm doing 90 push-ups. My goal is to reach 100 by June 2005. Watch out, Horton—I'm comin' for you. Heh heh!

So my P90X journey was all about GAINS in muscularity, strength, and endurance. I am more than pleased with the tale of the tape [measurements].

Many thanks again to Tony and all the Beachbody staff. What an amazing company and community! It must be an awesome feeling to realize the effect you have had on so many lives.

Jimmy F.

"This is MyBeachbody . . . there are many like it, but THIS one is mine!!!"

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