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October 2005


I recently received an email from Beachbody asking me to submit my Power 90 Success Story by September 1st. My initial thought was, why take the time? Then I decided to finally take some "after" pictures of myself.First, I pulled out my "before" pictures. Ugh! Could I really have lost all that?! The "after" pictures speak for themselves.

Let me digress a moment to explain why I came to Beachbody in the first place . . .

Getting married in November 2003 was great! Being a big fan of sports and working out, I had lost a fair amount of weight in preparation for my wedding. At a healthy 145 pounds, I was pleased. My "honeymoon" lasted for a while until I went to the doctor a month later and found out I was going to have a baby! Phew! That was quick! My pregnancy was no picnic. I went from being very sick and not eating anything to gobbling down anything and everything in sight once the sickness passed. Five months into my pregnancy, I realized I was huge! My doctor told me to watch my weight. When a woman is pregnant, that is one of the most difficult things to do. I ended up ballooning to just above 200 pounds (no, I did not want to weigh myself after I hit 190 pounds). And as if gaining excess weight was not enough, the delivery ended in an unplanned C-section.

My plans to start working out right after the baby came were thwarted, as two weeks after giving birth I could still barely walk. My son, Caleb, turned out healthy but was not much of a sleeper at all—I could not get him to take a nap until he was almost four months old. Three months after he was born, I decided that I needed to get a workout routine going. However, being a stay-at-home mom is tough. I did not have time to go to the gym anymore, nor did I have time to go out running by myself. That is when I remembered seeing a Slim in 6 infomercial. I stayed up late one night and watched it. I then went to the Web site and ordered Slim in 6. I thought it would be perfect for me!

It was great! I would work out while my son was playing on a blanket in front of me, or on the rare occasions when he was napping. By the time I finished the 6-week program, I had gone from weighing in the high 170-pound range to a manageable low 160-pound weight. I could fit back into most of my size 10 or 12 clothes (no more maternity clothes!), and I was feeling a lot better. I was not satisfied though; I wanted to lose more weight.

Then I saw the infomercial for Power 90! I went online and checked it out on I felt like I could trust that it was going to work because it was from Beachbody, and I was so happy with the results I got from Slim in 6. I ordered Power 90 with the blessing of my husband and started my workout when I got the package. I slowly watched my muscles tone up. I even got comments from people who said, "Wow, you're buff!" or "You're so skinny." My upper thighs and butt have de-flabbed (is that a word?). No more cottage cheese on my thighs! I have abs again! I never thought I would see anything but flab on my lower stomach because of my C-section. I tell all my friends who have kids, are pregnant, or want to lose extra weight all about Beachbody's fitness products.

This leads me back to my "after" photos. I did not think I had anything to show. A person really has to compare both "before" and "after" shots to see how far she has come. It hit home even more that I had actually lost a significant amount of weight when I went shopping and tried on a size 6 (!!!) pair of shorts, and they fit!!! I do not think I have ever tried on anything in a size 6! Being 5' 8" and always at a "healthy" weight, I could no longer fit into my old clothes. I have actually worn a bathing suit (without shorts) to my son's swimming classes. I did not think I would be swimsuit-worthy this summer at all. Here is the kicker—my son is still not a year old yet! He will be a year old in mid-August and it is only mid-July as I am typing this!

One more thing, as I fear I am getting long-winded. I just wanted to share what I like about the Power 90 workout in general. It incorporates various aerobic moves that target the whole body instead of bulking you up in just one place, as other fitness products do, or forgetting that a cardio routine is vital to burning fat and losing inches. I also love the Sculpt portion of the program. It works the muscles I've neglected in the past, so I ended up getting more toned than I was even before I was pregnant. I enjoyed the progression, too. It got more challenging, so I did not get bored with it or too bulky in certain places. And finally, I liked the duration of the programs. They were timed well, so I could get the workout done even when I did not have much time to do it or if my son was having a "fussy" day. These are some of the points I have explained to others when they have inquired about how I have lost my "baby fat."

I do not want anyone to think that the weight just magically dropped off me. It has taken sweat and a lot of commitment to working out that has gotten me this far. Thanks for making this great product, and I am looking forward to doing P90X possibly this winter. Anyone who says these products do not work is either eating too much junk or not following through with the commitment!

For anyone reading this—just try it, and you will see results!

Jennifer Y.

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