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Dear Beachbody,

My name is Jack G. and I am 36 years old. I am married with two wonderful boys.

I was involved in sports while growing up, but I was always a little "bigger." In football I got stuck playing the line while others got to play the "glory" positions. I was in the Air Force and in 1997 received an honorable discharge for knee problems. These problems caused me to gain weight from lack of exercise, which quickly turned into back problems. As the injuries compounded, my general health started going downhill. My physician told me I was going down the wrong road with my health and that I was approaching "heart attack waiting to happen" status. Not long after that—26 days, to be exact—my mother was admitted to the hospital for an emergency triple bypass surgery.

I tried to diet on my own and failed. I did the Catabolic Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, and some others too embarrassing to mention. Not only did I fail, but in fact I had gone in the opposite direction. To make matters worse, I had to buy even bigger clothes. My struggles became overwhelming and depressing. Friends and family were beginning to notice and they commented about it.

One of my wife's friends recommended Power 90. I put in the DVD, and it just clicked. I Pushed Play every day and changed my eating habits, one bad habit at a time, with the help of Michi's Ladder. My body started to transform, and I lost 60 pounds. To watch your body transform is just incredible. I got addicted to the feeling of putting on clothes that didn't fit before, and of having to look in the mirror twice to make sure it was me. Success is addictive—you want to feel it more and more.

The online support was critical to my success, reading the Message Boards and meeting people with the same struggles and questions that I had, and chatting with experienced Beachbody customers who understand and offer solutions. I posted my story on the Message Boards and I frequent the chat room. I will feel so rewarded if just one person reads my story or chats with me and says, "Now here's an average guy that did the program and decided that he wanted success, and I can do it, too!"

Recently I started P90X. To think that a program can not only challenge a person, but also develop you like this! The workouts are great and have really helped me take my Power 90 transformation and become "X-fit." The proof is not on the scale, it is in my rediscovered activities. I just started playing hockey again, and there is no greater feeling than to outskate and outlast someone half your age. I recently played a game where a couple of 18-year-olds started out calling me "old guy" and "pops," but when the game was over, they asked if I was interested in playing on a different team with them.

As for Tony Horton, all I can say is thank you. You have put together a great program that not only shows you what to do, but breaks it down and teaches you what to do.

Thank you, Beachbody, for helping me get into a lifestyle that will allow me to be active with my wife and kids for years to come.


Jack G.

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