2005 Hawaii Trip


I'm a family physician who specializes in holistic and preventive medicine. I know far better than most people about the extreme health risks of obesity. Still, having my tonsils out at age 42, plus falling in love and getting married, seemed to do something wicked to my metabolism. I gained weight at a rate of about five pounds per month, which left me bordering on obesity (for my height) in only six months. Not only that, but my cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, and a number of other laboratory "markers" of health deteriorated. Just going up a flight of stairs left me out of breath, and I was mortified to go out in public because of my excess weight (made worse by the fact that I'm a doctor and felt that this was SO contrary to good health practices).

I tried calorie counting, carb counting, exercising (on my own), plus more fad diets, diet supplements, etc. than I care to think about. I'd lose five or six pounds, then stall and get discouraged. What a bummer!

Finally, I did some serious medical research and devised a diet that would (theoretically) allow me to lose weight in the fastest possible time while restoring my health. My diet was working, but I still felt flabby and disappointed that my results weren't coming faster. Then while traveling, I saw Power 90 advertised on TV. Perhaps the name and Tony's positive nature made me call and buy the program. Oh my, am I glad I did!

I could see and feel the difference in my stomach after two days of Power 90! My stamina improved quickly. In only six weeks I lost 40 pounds, goodness only knows how many inches, and returned from a size 16 to a size 8. Just as exciting, my cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood sugar, and a number of other longevity markers improved dramatically. I have turned many patients on to Power 90 and they are getting similar results.

Bottom line: I have experienced "radical rejuvenation" at age 46, thanks to Beachbody and Tony. I sure would like the opportunity to go to Hawaii and shake Tony's hand in person! I am hoping that my results will qualify me for this opportunity.

Thanks to everyone at Beachbody for being a major force in my personal midlife makeover!

In health,

Dr. Dana M.

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