December 2005


Beachbody is the greatest. I lost 60 pounds and went from having high blood pressure (155 over 105) and high cholesterol (265), to perfect blood pressure (110 over 70) and great cholesterol (165).

Both of my parents have weight issues and health problems stemming from their diet. I constantly argue with my dad about the medications he takes and tell him that if he could get his diet under control, he would not need to take so many pills. His response is: "I take this pill so I can eat this bad food and that pill so I can eat that bad food," etc.

Recently I changed doctors and when I went in for my first physical, my new doctor gave me the bad news that I had high blood pressure and a high cholesterol count, and he wanted to put me on medication. I told him it was only because I was at my heaviest weight ever, and said I would diet and exercise to get it under control. My doctor said that was great, but almost every one of his patients said the same thing and he had yet to see one of his patients follow through. He told me to start taking the medication he prescribed and to come back in six months. If I had lost any weight, we would discuss taking me off the medication. I did not want to live my life like my dad, so I decided to take my own advice instead.

Late one night I saw Tony Horton on the Power 90 show, and thought the program would be perfect for me because I have two small girls and I have no time (or money) to go to the gym. My results were great and after four months I went back to see my doctor, 40 pounds lighter. He was in shock. My blood pressure was under control and so was my cholesterol.

With Power 90 I kept the weight off for 1.5 years. At first it was for health reasons, but after the results started coming and I could clearly see the changes in my body, my motivation became vanity.

Early this year I decided to take my fitness to the next level (I wanted a 6-pack), and I started P90X. This program has taken me to the next level. I am 39 years old and in the best shape of my life. My doctor tells me that now when he is about to prescribe medication and the patient asks if he or she can lose weight to control the problem, he says yes and he tells them my story.

When someone asks to know my secret, I tell them about Beachbody. The Beachbody program has helped me change the way I live my life. People ask me what diet I am on, and I tell them that I don't believe in diets and you need to change your eating habits for life. Since I'm a chef, you'd think it would be easy for me because I know the difference between good-for-you food and bad-for-you food, but I really needed that extra push and knowledge I gained from the P90X Nutrition Guide. When people ask me about my motivation and how can they become motivated too, I tell them what worked for me but that everyone needs to find his or her own motivation and take it from there.

I want to thank everyone at Beachbody. You truly helped save my life.

Craig P.

Note: Beachbody programs are not designed or intended to cure or prevent illness or disease other than those associated directly with the consequences of an inactive lifestyle or poor eating habits. Always consult your doctor before discontinuing or changing prescribed treatment.

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