January 2005


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so thankful that I stumbled across your infomercial. I stayed on the channel because I could tell right away that this was not a "lose weight" scheme and that Tony really knew his stuff about exercise and its impact on the body.

I have struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. In trying countless diets and exercise classes over the last 35 years, I have been exposed to a lot of information and a lot of misinformation. Power 90 is based on sound scientific information, and I could do it at home without having to wear an exercise suit in front of everyone else at a gym.

I ordered Power 90 in spring 2003. My two daughters—Sarah, age 16, and Rachel, age 14—decided to try it with me. We exercised every day for over three weeks, laughing with each other as we tried to master all the moves, but visibly getting stronger. Then Sarah had foot surgery and a 3-month-long recovery. I became her full-time nurse and, in the process, dropped doing Power 90 and gained back the 15 pounds I had lost and more. But in the back of my mind I knew that Power 90 was going to work. It had already made a difference before, so I believed that if I could restart the program from the beginning and make it through the 90 days, only good things would happen to me.

Finally in March 2004 I was ready to restart Power 90, determined to make it a top priority for the full 90 days. Throughout March, April, and May, I was faithful to exercising six days a week with Tony nearly every week. Pounds were melting off, and inches were dropping off. At first I was very tired but within five minutes of completing the workout, I was energized and proud of making myself do it. Eventually my body was not so sore and I started to really look forward to my workout. It felt good to make a priority of improving myself. My family noticed an improvement in my attitude about myself, and kept encouraging me to keep up with the program.

On May 31, my daughter Sarah ended up in the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital for five days. I had just finished my first round of Power 90, and this crisis served to be a true test of my commitment. I was able to stay with Sarah in the hospital overnight, which was great. However, it also meant that I was not home with access to Power 90. I had grown to love this exercise program, and I loved my new body even more. So I arranged for a family member or friend to stay with Sarah so I could sneak away to get some routine things done, such as the laundry, packing fresh clothes for Sarah, looking at the mail, and getting in my Power 90 workout.

It surprised me that Power 90 had become such an important part of my basic daily routine. How wonderful those workouts were during that week! To do something normal in a time of uncertainty was a wonderful feeling, plus it gave me an opportunity to release stress and gather the strength to go back and face the situation at the hospital with my daughter. Even more amazing was the fact that I turned to exercise, and not food, as a coping strategy. The way I feel and the way I look now are just too precious to jeopardize. I don't ever want to go back to the way I was.

I could go on and on about the milestones I have reached with the help of Power 90, but I think you have a clear idea of how Power 90 has changed my life and, more importantly, my outlook on life.

To be successful at anything with lasting results, you must make it a top priority and love yourself enough to keep it a top priority. Make an attempt every day to keep your promise to yourself to mold yourself into the best you can be. A wise person once said to me, "If I am all that I have to offer to help make the world a better place, how can doing something to make myself a better person be wrong?"

Thank you, Power 90 and Beachbody. I have lost 52 pounds and 38½ inches. I will be forever grateful!

Cheri H.

P.S. I am still doing Power 90, and after another 90 days I have now lost 64 pounds and 44½ inches. I figure I haven't maxed out the workout yet. I can still go deeper, lower, higher, faster, and work up to the next level of resistance band. Eventually I will reach my goal of 150 pounds. I believe it is possible. I am also thinking of working up to P90X and other Beachbody fitness programs as another fitness goal.

P.S.S. Another 90 days have passed, and I have more good news. I have now lost a total of 75 pounds and 56 inches! I feel great, and I have a spring in my step wherever I go. I look like a regular person now when I walk down the street. I love getting dressed in the morning. I have so much I can choose from. Before, I dressed to hide the size 22 person underneath. Now I dress to please myself in a size 12.

I still put in a Beachbody workout video every day. I have added the Slim Series to my Power 90 routines, and I love challenging my body to new moves and new ways to work my muscles. Someday I will be ready for P90X. Also, I eat mainly for my health. Soon it will be a year since I have had anything with flour or sugar in it—no cookies, cakes, chips, candy, pasta, rice, bread, bagels... My commitment to my promise to never go back to the way I was keeps me honest about my exercise and eating patterns. If you choose to care for your body, your body will reward you with a fit physique and a taste for foods that support your good health.

I wish you all good luck and great success!

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