Bethany D.

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2005 Hawaii Trip

April 2005


Dear Beachbody,

First I just want to say thank you for showing me that it's possible to be comfortable in my own skin. I realized this change just a few weeks ago when my mother asked, "If you didn't lose another pound, would you be upset?" and with confidence I replied, "I am happy with who I am and what I look like!"

Maybe I should start from the beginning. I, like many people, grew up with the "baby fat," or a little extra weight here and there. In middle school I weighed 140 pounds. In high school I tried to stay active and work out with friends. It wasn't fun having to worry about everything I ate, but going clothes shopping with my mom was even worse. I dreaded pulling the size 12's and 14's off the racks, or having to ask for a larger size. Now that I think about it, Mom, I'm sorry you had to accompany me! I would cry and get angry that I wasn't thin, and would leave the mall empty-handed and frustrated each time. I tried dieting and following the eating plans my parents were on, but they never lasted—instead I would eat what I wanted, and kept on being miserable.

I left for college, and I chose to go to the worst place possible—culinary school, for a degree in baking and pastry arts. In the first three months I gained almost 10 pounds, and now I was up to 180 pounds. At the end of the three months I became pregnant and couldn't continue with school. I came home and realized the importance of eating right, not just for me, but also for the baby. I kept active by walking, and thanks to my hard work, I only gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy.

A month before my delivery, I found my mom sitting in front of the TV with a box of booklets and DVDs. I asked her what she had. She said she had ordered Power 90 from, and all I could do was laugh. I thought she had been duped into buying some cheap scam, one with "miracle" pills and fake "before" and "after" shots. Then I sat down and saw, to my amazement, that the program was nothing like I had expected. People were working and sweating along with some guy named Tony! My mom said that she wanted to get back in shape, and thought we could do it together after the baby was born. I was all for changing my body, but I didn't know if I could really commit to doing something. So we watched Sweat 1-2 and then Sculpt 1-2. We looked at each other and both felt like we needed to get up and do the routine, not just watch! We were anxious to get started, but my mom promised to wait till after the baby was born, when I had the go-ahead from my doctor.

Two weeks after the baby was born, we took our "before" photos. I was shocked to see what I looked like; I didn't realize I looked THAT bad! But after seeing them printed out and taped next to my calendar, I knew I was going to change. I didn't know how much, but I knew I didn't want to stay fat anymore.

I started Power 90 at 176 pounds, with a goal weight of 150 pounds (which I wasn't sure was even possible for me). The first week was so hard, but I did every workout. It was tough not being able to finish parts of the routine, but that only drove me to get better.

Day 30 came, and I was so excited to take my photos. I wasn't sure if there had been much change, except that my jeans fit better and I felt stronger. I had been eating well, not giving in to any junk food. And all of that paid off! I couldn't believe what a transformation had taken place, or that I had lost 6 pounds and 8 inches! That was all the encouragement I needed to get through the next month.

Day 60 came and I took my pictures, ready to be wowed again. By this time my body had really changed, and my weight had dropped dramatically. I was at 158 pounds, only 8 pounds from my goal! I couldn't believe that I was so close already! However, despite my huge weight loss, I didn't do as well my last 30 days. I couldn't seem to get myself motivated to finish it out strong. Even so, everyone else kept commenting on how thin I had become. I took my day 90 pictures and my mom, dad, and I were so stunned. I had reached and exceeded my goal—I was 143 pounds (I had lost 33 pounds) and was wearing a size 10! I felt good, and I fit into my first two-piece swimsuit! I was thrilled with the results.

It wasn't until September 2004 that I made the decision to do Power 90 again. I had moved away from home, and knew that I was going to finish strong this time. Even if I didn't lose another pound, I owed it to myself to finish—to commit and succeed. I ended up losing 5 more pounds, now 138!

Thank you, Beachbody, for showing me what I needed to do to change myself, for motivating me to really finish what I started. I am confident, and love going shopping for clothes now (which is probably not a great habit). Thank you for showing me that I could go beyond what I thought was possible.

Bethany D.

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