June 2005


Dear Beachbody,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really don't know where to start. At the age of 34, I weighed 189 pounds. I had given birth to three children in five years and would like to be able to blame my weight on that, but to be honest, I began my weight gain well before my first pregnancy. As I approached my ninth month of pregnancy with baby number three, my husband had begun to walk for exercise and work out. I watched him shed pounds, and I became jealous.

Unfortunately, the weight of that last baby didn't come off like it had with the previous two. Two years later, I was bigger then ever and very unhappy with myself. I wanted no pictures taken of me and hated to look in the mirror. I didn't recognize the face looking back at me. My size 16 jeans were getting tight, and it finally hit me: I had to do something. In my local paper there was a story about a man and his daughter who had done this Power 90 program and won a trip to Hawaii. I knew of Michael Y. and knew the pictures of his family were real, that they weren't actors or models. I took the article home and showed my husband, who—despite losing 80 pounds—was still struggling with his eating habits and not getting the muscle definition he wanted.

After viewing the Web site, we ordered the Power 90 program, Total Health Women's Formula and Strength & Muscle Men's Formula supplements for each of us, and the resistance bands for me to use. We started with the 2-Day Fast Formula and I lost 9 pounds. My cravings for unhealthy foods were gone; instead, I craved salads and fruit. My husband severely injured two of his fingers and wasn't able to start the program the same day I did, but he began eating healthy with me and did what he could. I took my "before" pictures and went full throttle into Power 90.

I couldn't believe what began to happen to my body. Thirty days into the program I had some routine blood work done, and my cholesterol was 155! The last time I had it checked (five years before), it was 205. High cholesterol as well as diabetes and heart disease run horribly in my family, and I can't help but feel that Power 90 has helped save my life.

Now 90 days later, I have lost 26 pounds, 18 inches, and two full dress sizes. I have never felt better! I have already ordered Slim in 6, and will start it after I finish Power 90 with my husband. I hope to lose another 35 pounds, and now I know I can do it with Beachbody on my side.

Thanks again, Beachbody!

Beth B.

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