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February 2005


My Beachbody experience started back in February 2004. My daughter was born in January 2003, and during my pregnancy I had put on a whopping 65 pounds. The day I delivered, I lost 20 of the 65 pounds but was left with 45 more to lose. I was devastated.

For the next six months I struggled with depression due to the weight, and all I did about it was eat. I kept telling myself that I would never lose the weight. After all, the only success I had had before with weight loss was by starvation. Yes, I lost weight and dropped several pants sizes, but I also landed myself on the operating table with my gall bladder removed. The sudden drop in weight messed up my entire system! I knew I could not do that again. I had a new baby who needed me to be healthy and, even more importantly, alive!

Finally, I decided to just get used to the extra weight. But after a few more months of pretending to be happy, I decided I had to do something about it! So in September 2003, I started to cut some of the junk from my diet. I started doing Pilates, but that was not enough. I ordered a step machine, but that was not enough either. Slowly I started to fall back into a depression. I was feeling desperate again. Here it was, November 2003, and I was still a size 13. I was really beginning to believe I would never lose the weight.

It was a Saturday morning, with nothing on TV except the infomercials. I started flipping through the channels until I came across the Slim in 6 show. I sat and watched in total awe of the transformations. Then I changed the station, laughing at myself for even considering it. I had already proved to myself that I could not lose the weight, right? Finally in January 2004, after watching the show a thousand times, I decided to order it. I figured if I was that in love with the infomercial, the workout must be great.

And was I ever right. The box arrived in the mail and I couldn't wait to get started. I read all the information, watched all the videos, and Pushed Play the very next day—February 24, 2004. After previewing Start It Up!, I was sure this 25-minute workout would be a breeze. I was sorely mistaken, literally! I stayed on Start It Up! for a week. The calendar said to try it for two days, but I knew I was not ready for the next level.

The second week I started Ramp It Up!. I was feeling so wonderful at this point. After only a week of working out, I was amazed to see how quickly I was progressing physically. Just the week before I had struggled with Start It Up!, and here I was moving up to the next level. I started to see some changes, and fast! Ramp It Up! really kicked my metabolism into high gear. My pants were fitting so much better. I was at a high point in my life, a point I was sure I would never feel again! I never thought I could feel this motivated and excited about Pushing Play.

After the second week, I decided to start using the Message Boards. I wanted to share my experiences with others. And I wanted to hear the stories other people like me were sharing. Soon I found myself logging on to every day. The support and motivation was astounding. At the start of my third week I switched to Burn It Up!. It was pretty tough, but it was a challenge I was both physically and mentally ready for. At this point I remember feeling like nothing and nobody, not even myself, could stand in the way of reaching my goals. I was finally in charge of my life. Food was no longer my crutch, working out was! I always felt so wonderful and full of excitement when I was done with my workouts. I got such a thrill out of wiping the sweat from my eyes after an hour-long session with Debbie Siebers.

I found myself at the end of my 6 weeks—already. Power 90 was on its way, and I was beyond excited to start on another Beachbody journey. My results with Slim in 6 were nothing short of fantastic. I lost 15 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6. I surpassed my original goal of a size 8!

With Power 90 on its way, I could feel my motivation reaching new heights. I couldn't wait to see what this program would have in store for me. I set some goals, took my photos, wrote down my measurements, and waited patiently for day 1. After starting Power 90, I found that I was ready to move from Cardio 1-2 up to 3-4 after only a couple weeks. I was impressed with myself. I never thought that I, of all people, would have this much endurance.

In my first 30 days, I dropped 5 inches. I knew then that at the end of my 90 days, I would be ready to move on to something even more intense! Day 60 came and my size 6 jeans were becoming baggy. I went shopping and, much to my surprise, I bought a size 4. At this point I started focusing on my body fat rather than pounds. Between days 60 and 90, I put on weight but my body fat percentage dropped. I was beyond thrilled. Soon I was telling everyone I knew about how wonderful Beachbody had been to me!

With day 90 quickly approaching, I had to start thinking about what to do next. I started reading up on P90X. I knew right away it was the next program I wanted to conquer. I ordered "the X" and started my first round in July 2004. My goal for this program was to lower my body fat from 20% to 17%. I read all the wonderful information provided with the workouts, and was ready to begin my quest.

After only 60 days of P90X, my body fat has dropped to 18%! I find that my original goal of 17% was not necessary! I am so happy with 18%, I feel I do not need to go any lower. I cannot believe the changes I have made in my body in only eight months. I am feeling great about myself now, and I've decided I want to help other people feel the same excitement I do. I've started looking into becoming a certified personal trainer; I ordered the books, and I am so proud to say that by the end of January 2005, I will be certified!

Beachbody helped me not only to reach my fitness goals, but also to find happiness with my body. I no longer sit around feeling sorry for myself—I'm out living life! Beachbody has taught me that you can do whatever you put your mind to. They also helped me find my place in life. I am now on my way to making fitness a career. I will be forever grateful to them. Thank you, Beachbody!


Amanda M.

P.S. I am planning on doing my first round of Slim Series in March 2005. For now, I am doing Slim in 6 again and loving it!! I am going to order Kathy Smith's Project:YOU for this spring/summer. I cannot wait to continue my journey!!!

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