Louise D.

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2004 Hollywood Trip


My name is Louise D., from Canada.

When I saw Slim in 6 on TV, I said to myself: another gadget probably! But I was curious to know what it was and ordered it just the same. Even my relatives and friends laughed at me. They said, "How can you expect to recover your 40-year-old body shape at your age?" This gave me the push to show them that it could be done even at 66½ years old. I consulted my doctor, and he encouraged me to do the program and supervised me every week.

Being a business owner, I have no time to go to the gym, and working at home did not help me lose weight. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol recently, and as I've never taken pills except vitamins, I made up my mind to lose those extra pounds. Within six weeks, I lost 15 pounds with "Start It Up!" and 5 inches in all.

Those skeptical friends of mine are astonished to see the results, and that is not all. I'm sticking to your program for the rest of my life, just because I feel better than at age 40, my energy is at a high level, and I encourage all those baby boomers getting older to look at their health before it's too late.

I send thanks for Debbie's tapes, and wish that everybody on earth took the time to look after their health when such great and quick results are possible. Thanks a million. That Slim in 6 is not a gadget, but a real slimming program. I can prove it anytime to whoever wants to know.

Louise D.

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