Loreen X.

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2004 Hollywood Trip


When I was young, I was always active and thin. Of course I was a child, so I never even thought about weight. Then puberty hit, and along with my developing body came in an insecurity and weight consciousness that is still with me today.

I experimented with different diets, and I was always able to reach my goals. After having my first son, I was able to lose most of the weight I had gained, but after my second child I never got back to where I started. The problem with my "roller coaster" style of dieting had caught up with me.

Now 35 years old, I had noticed the gradual slowing down in my metabolism over the last few years. I was no longer maintaining my weight doing the same daily routines I followed, and my diet wasn't the healthiest. I began to put on weight. My clothes (the ones that still fit me) seemed to get tighter and tighter, and I knew I had to do something. I decided that the something was NOT going to be buying a new wardrobe in a larger size. Besides, I already had a range of sizes 8 to 12 in my closet. The change I needed was something revolutionary. I needed a lifestyle change involving diet and exercise, improving my overall health.

In the fall of 2003, I began taking Pilates once a week. Then I added a total body workout class twice a week. I was feeling better because I was putting forth an effort to improve my health. Unfortunately, I noticed no change in my weight or appearance. This was frustrating and depressing, but I didn't give up.

Late one night in March, I was up late working on report cards (I am a teacher). I had the television on for background noise, and I was drawn to the infomercial promoting the Slim in 6 program. It was after midnight, and I was so inspired by the Success Stories shared that I felt motivated and ready to exercise at that moment. However, I decided not to act on impulse alone. I did not call right away, but wanted to know more.

The next day I perused the Beachbody Web site and read some of the other Success Stories. I was really impressed with all of the positive feedback people had shared, but based on the before and after photos, I was a bit skeptical (some of the participants looked completely different). Anyway, a couple of days passed, I continued to visit the Web site, and I decided to place an order.

Today I am so glad I did. I have lost a total of 23 pounds and 21 inches, 6 inches from my waist alone. I was actually able to modify the program to work for me and still get quick results. As a child I broke my legs three times, so my knees aren't in the greatest shape. Therefore, I spent a couple more days easing into the "Start It Up!" phase. I followed the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide as closely as possible; it became my shopping list, and I generally stuck to the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder. I documented everything I ate, and kept an exercise log. I also made sure I drank my daily requirement of water.

During the second week I continued to Press Play using "Ramp It Up!", and three weeks into the program I had lost 10 pounds and 10.5 inches. The measurable results kept me motivated, and the best part is that I made a lifestyle change that continues. Even my husband, who has always been in great shape, is impressed with the program. He has replaced his daily sit-up routine with the "Slim & 6pack" routine. I too have incorporated this program into my weekly schedule, and I discovered that I DO have abs!

Some advice I would give to others trying to reach their goals is that you can make the program work for you. Visit the Web site—the amount of support offered with this program is tremendous. I never did join a WOWY group, but knowing it was out there was support enough for me.

In Debbie's words, "Go at your own pace, and listen to your body . . . you will get there."

Loreen X.

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