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WOW! Here I am, now a believer, and a proud MEMBER of Beachbody!!!! My name is Lisa, and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The only reason I write this today, is to hopefully shed light for anyone who may need answers, perhaps someone who is questioning the infomercial they just witnessed. My first instinct is to tell you to get up right now, go grab your purse by the door or your wallet in your pocket, and get ready for the best ride of your life.

Instead, I have decided to tell you my story, how I got here, and what made me finally grab control of the downward spiral I called "life."

April 18, 2000 was one of the happiest days of my life—my first and only daughter arrived. But in getting here, she just about took my life. I was the last of everyone to see her, and that was almost four hours after she was born. It was a close call, but I lived through it. However, eight days later I was rushed back to the hospital. Many things went wrong with my delivery, and I was given a 50/50 chance of survival after surgery. I went through over two years of ongoing medical examinations to find out what was wrong. And eventually, after a few surgeries, I was finally getting back to normal. Half of me, anyway.

I am here now, so you know the outcome of that story. I wish I could say that after that experience, I embraced life. "Enter downward spiral." I didn't die physically, but psychologically a part of me was gone forever. I gained a lot of weight during this time, and struggled to lose it. If I took any pounds off, they just came back fivefold. Eventually I had outgrown every piece of clothing I owned. I bought a pair of pants one day and nearly fainted when I found out my size was now 16! I am sorry, but as a female that just about made me not want to leave my house. I began to feel so down on myself. Even though I had faith that I was still mentally very strong and able to do anything, I just couldn't figure out how to reclaim my body without starving myself.

Then early one morning, most likely after a bowl of Fruit Loops, I saw Debbie, and I was in a trance. I couldn't take my eyes off her, watched every move she did, and I really think my jaw must have hit the floor. I stopped thinking about two minutes into the program and ran and got my purse. I began dialing the Slim in 6 number, and as I did, I said, "What am I doing, I don't buy things off TV!" Yet I never hung up!!! I placed my order, and when I hung up, I watched the rest of the infomercial. I couldn't help but smile. I knew that my life would change, and I knew all the information I was seeking was now on its long journey to Canada.

When I received the package that would change my life, I felt like a kid getting the toy I had saved up for (for what felt like an eternity). The information was amazing—I examined all the material and must have read it at least five times that day, never having any doubts. But the one thing I never expected to find was an online community of people in the chat rooms and on the Message Boards. Everyday people, all fighting for the same goal—all eagerly Pushing Play and loving a healthy lifestyle. Beachbody members have made a home here, a "family." The encouragement that you can find at Beachbody.com is something no other program can give you. I worked hard for my success, but I owe a lot of that success to all the Beachbody members who taught me so many things, and always had answers to my questions, no matter how silly I may have felt for asking them. LUV! LUV!

I LUVED SLIM IN 6!!!!! I became a person I could barely recognize, and for the first time in I can't remember how long, I could look at myself in the mirror and not cower. I lost 23 pounds and over 26 inches, 7 of those inches from my waist.

I have not yet stopped Slim in 6, and plan to always make it part of my life. I have now lost a total of 37 pounds, over 30 inches, and have gone from a dreaded size 16 to a happy size 6!!!!

Anyone can do this. Age and size need not matter!! The moves can all be modified to fit your needs, and you can always talk with the Beachbody advisors who will help you get the body you want right in the comfort of your own home. HOW COULD THAT BE BETTER?!?!?!

What I found, what I never lost sight of, and one of the biggest things I embedded into my head was, "With the mind so strong, the body would have no choice but to follow." I must have said that to myself daily, and I still say it. I am now a new person. I will never again see the lost woman I once saw. I will never allow sadness to rule my mind again. I will always fight to stay on top of my health and my life. THANK YOU, BEACHBODY—and all of you who have touched my life forever.

Please, don't just think about investing in this program—actually do it. I promise you that together we can all do this!!! You will have no regrets, only a newfound life, one that awakens you and fills you with love and energy. WOOHOOOO!!!! Nothing sounds greater!!! MAKE the call, and come join the Beachbody community today!!!

Thank you again, Beachbody!!!!! For saving me!!!!

Lisa K., "Coach JeWeL"

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