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Dear Beachbody and Debbie Siebers,

My name is Leia and I would first like to thank you so very much for changing my life COMPLETELY! I never imagined that I would be one with a Success Story, so this is very emotional for me. I am so proud of my success so far with Slim in 6. I have lost a total of 33 pounds and 40 inches with the program! Debbie is just awesome at keeping you motivated every day, it's like having your own private trainer in your living room!

I never really had a weight problem until the birth of my son at 18 years old. I went through a very hard time with depression, and the weight kept creeping on month after month for 4 years. I was on and off anti-depressants just to make it through the day. I can recall so many nights just crying myself to sleep because I could not get control of myself. I started to feel too ashamed to even leave my house because I was so embarrassed about my weight.

Again I got pregnant and gave birth to my second son last October. I reached my heaviest weight at 197 pounds. I decided not to torture myself too much because I needed to concentrate on my newborn and not my weight. Well, that lasted until January when I saw the pictures that were taken on Christmas Day. I hardly recognized myself, that couldn't be me!

My relationship and intimacy with my fiancé was falling apart because of my insecurities. We had been engaged for four years and hadn't set a date for the wedding because I refused to get married in a "fat" wedding dress. It's really sad because your weight shouldn't matter when it comes to marrying the love of your life, but that's just how badly the weight had affected me. I knew I needed to do something about my weight in order to keep my family together. I know you won't believe this, but I have not worn shorts more than four or five times in the last four years. And all of those times, I was alone in my house! On top of all of that, my kids deserved a happy, healthy, and energetic mother. I needed to stop making excuses...

I found Slim in 6 with the help of my father, who told me to watch your infomercial. I was a little skeptical at first, but of course I ordered it anyway. Why not? I had tried almost everything else and nothing worked. While I waited for the program to arrive, I explored the Web site and Success Stories and grew very excited when I saw other REAL people like me achieving incredible results with Slim in 6.

By the time the videos arrived, I was so pumped and ready to get started and give it my all. I found an amazing group of girls on the Message Boards, who supported and encouraged me through the whole program. Week after week, pounds and inches were melting off!

However, it was also what I GAINED through this wonderful experience that had a dramatic impact on my life. I now have self-control, self-confidence, high self-esteem, tons of energy, and a new positive outlook on life, I am more out­going, and I am just the happiest I have been in years! My family and friends are just blown away by my results. Now I have a huge smile on my face, and I think the only thing I talk about is Slim in 6! I am now waiting anxiously for Slim Series!


Leia H.

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