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HI! My name is Karissa B., and I'm 19 years old. I've grown up as a military brat, as my father is a radiologist in the Air Force. As a little girl, I was very, very active. Being somewhat of a tomboy, I loved playing sports and being outside, and my dream was to be a track runner in the Olympics. I also began swim team around the time I was in the fourth grade. I can look back on those swim team pictures and see that I was always a little on the heavy side, and because of that (and because I was a little socially awkward), I was teased by a lot of kids I went to school with.

This reached its worst point in fifth grade, when I was diagnosed with depression and had to go to a psychiatrist every week and take Prozac. In sixth grade, I came out of that depression, but I still was heavier than I wished to be. I started running track for my middle school, and did a lot of the intramural activities, but that weight just wouldn't fall off! My knees started to suffer, and at some point during my sixth grade year, they got so bad that I developed a chronic knee problem that continues to plague me to this day.

During high school, I gained weight at a rapid pace—I fell victim to the "freshman 15" and just kept on gaining, even though I was very active in the school's Air Force ROTC program, passed the PT test every time we took it, and participated in Varsity color guard (I had to handle a 10-pound demilitarized M1 rifle) and in JV and Varsity female drill team. It escaped me why I wasn't a twig at the time, being so active, but I finally figured out that it was because I AM A CARB ADDICT. Admittedly, I was eating WAY too many starchy carbs, and almost nothing else!!!

During my first year of college, I kept gaining weight to the point where I was in a size 10 and then a size 12. I went shopping to find some khaki pants for my work uniform, and couldn't find any that fit. Then I picked up a size 13/14 and they were almost too tight! I had had enough. I was ready to get myself under control, as I had promised myself at New Year's (hey, who doesn't?).

I had seen the Slim in 6 program before, but never had the money or the drive to even pay attention to it. But one night, while feeling particularly not well from eating too much too soon before going to sleep (again), I turned to the infomercial about halfway through and watched it. I saw awesome results and wanted them too! When the time came, I picked up that phone and called the number, and two weeks later I had my package!!

I started off my Slim in 6 journey with Plan 2 of the 6-Day Express Diet Plan. It was extremely hard to go from ALL carbs to almost NO carbs, but I knew that Plan 2 was the best for me because it made the biggest change in my diet. For the most part, I stuck right to the schedule, working out twice a day with "Start It Up!" and the stretch and ab routines. I cheated a couple of days on the eating, but I still ended up losing 4 pounds and 6.75 inches in my first six days!! That was the encouragement I needed to keep going.

Throughout the remainder of the six weeks, I tried my hardest to keep with the program, working out most days, but skipping some for one reason or another. I didn't take advantage of WOWY, and I regret it now. I did, however, take HUGE advantage of the great support and encouragement from the other Beachbody members, and added in my help where it was needed. That kept me going, even through the intense knee pain!

At the end of the program, I ended up losing a total of 6 pounds and 24.5 inches. That's something I NEVER thought possible!! I didn't do as well on the eating as I should have, but I have started Keep It Up! until I receive my Slim Series shipment and then I will be doing that, taking FULL advantage of WOWY in the process. I am also now a Beachbody Support Team Coach, and I am loving it!

I still have some work to do, and I know that Slim Series will get me where I want to be. After that, I'm moving on to P90X. This time, I'm doing EVERYTHING right, and sticking with it EVERY DAY! Thank you SO much, Beachbody, and all of the fantastic Beachbody Support Team members and coaches—I couldn't have done it without you! You have gained another LIFETIME CUSTOMER!!

Karissa B.

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