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Hi, my name is Janet. I am 42 years old and a proud mom of a 4-year-old boy. I have battled depression and yo-yo dieted for over 20 years. My weight has ranged from 135 to 190 pounds. Several years ago, when I cleaned out my closet, I found clothes ranging from size 4 to 18. In all my years of trying to lose weight, I was never able to sustain a regular exercise program. My solution to being overweight was always an extreme diet (anything that did not involve exercise).

I have struggled with chemical imbalance and depression off and on for 17 years. My latest battle with it started July 2003. With the help of medications I got stabilized, but still did not feel "better." Going hand in hand with my depression was comfort eating. When my stress level got out of control, I found myself binging for comfort and then purging because of my fear of gaining weight and the false feeling that it gives me some control—bulimia.

About four months ago I found myself starting up the binge/purge pattern again. Only this time I told myself, I do not want to do this anymore—but I needed help. I needed to learn a more constructive way to handle my stress and to finally learn how to eat right. That is when I ordered Slim in 6. Once and for all I wanted to take control of health (and my weight) properly, instead of letting my weight control me.

I would like to share part of my journal that tells of my greatest motivation: "Getting on with it. ­As far as the past goes, it has made me who I am, and that is not a bad thing. It has made me very strong, compassionate, understanding, a bit too tenderhearted, and very determined. I am not naive enough to think that losing weight is my cure-all. It is a step I need to take to get me going in the right direction. Depression makes it so easy to give up, not try, and to not care. I DO care what happens to me. I want better. The first step to achieve this is to start feeling better physically. Which makes me feel better mentally."

I began my journey on April 19, 2004. I started with the 2-Day Fast Formula and the 6-Day Express Diet Plan #1. After just one week my results were amazing. I lost 10 pounds and 5.5 inches.

The wonderful thing about the Beachbody experience is that it's not just an exercise video; it's also support and information. I found the most wonderful group of people on the Message Boards, who I feel proud to call my Motivated Diehard Family. When things are getting tough, there is always someone there for encouragement, inspiration, or a pep talk.

Thanks to all the information and tools Beachbody provides, I have finally learned what I should be eating, how much and how often. I have finally learned how to eat properly—now a way of life, not a "diet"!

I completed Slim in 6 on May 30. I am thrilled and proud of my results. I lost a total of 20 pounds and 20 inches. Six of those inches are off my waist. I feel like a new person inside as well as out. It is amazing how six weeks has transformed me. I feel happy, energetic, motivated, and more confident. Most importantly, I have found an inner peace I thought I had lost forever. Now when I am feeling stressed, I go for my "Slim & Limber" tape instead of the refrigerator.

I am still working toward my goal weight, and I have started round two of Slim in 6. My totals are now 23 pounds and 21.5 inches lost. With all the pounds and inches lost I have gained something, too—my SMILE!

Thank you, Beachbody, for giving me the tools I needed to finally succeed.

Janet C.

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