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Last August I gave birth to my first child and was pleased to find that the 28 pounds I'd put on during the pregnancy came off fairly quickly while I was nursing. Once I'd lost the weight I found that I could eat like a little pig and still not put on any weight. In December I had to stop nursing, sadly, and put my baby onto formula. Even sadder for me was that I continued to eat everything in sight, but of course the weight started to stack on without the benefits of nursing.

By February I was feeling fat, frumpy, and depressed, and was finding that my maternity pants were a lot more comfortable than my regular pants and jeans. One Sunday morning I saw the advertisement for Slim in 6 and listened to the testimonies of the 2003 Success Stories. I'd never ordered any diet or exercise products before in my life, and had a particular aversion to infomercial products. But desperate times call for desperate measures, I thought, and I easily ordered Slim in 6 online and had the package within a week.

My first attempt at the program was a disaster. I was exhausted after spending many sleepless nights with my baby, who has reflux, and severely lacked both time and motivation to get myself together.

I waited a couple of months, and returned to the program more determined and with a stronger resolve. I started with the 6-Day Express Diet Plan and lost 6 pounds that first week. I followed the Slim in 6 exercise program, watched what I ate, and found the pounds falling off and a sleeker, slimmer, fitter-looking me emerging week after week.

By the end of the six weeks I had lost a total of 15 pounds, 16 inches, and dropped two dress sizes, putting me at a weight and size that I've not been since I left high school—12 years ago! I found the program to be challenging but the results are incredible, providing a slimmer physique and muscle definition I thought my body wasn't even capable of.

Thank you to Beachbody and Debbie for a product that is so easy to use and provides such amazing results. And to all those who may have bombed out at a first attempt . . . try, try again, and you'll be achieving your weight loss and fitness goals sooner than you think!

Cara H.

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